Go to the southern hemisphere to see the Pink Lake, in November opened direct flights to Hangzhou as long as the 3000- Sohu travel since November, Hangzhou is about to open direct flights to Sydney by the Eastern Airlines Airbus 330-220 fly, the focus is! The price is very suitable! From tax only $3000+! (to 12.13) real-time screenshot, MU711 flight 23:45 from Hangzhou (return 12.21), real-time screenshot MU712 flight 22:15 from Sydney this non-stop flight time of only 10 hours, compared to Guangzhou, Hongkong, the flight to 3~12 hours. Other noteworthy is that direct flights from Hangzhou to Sydney only three classes a week (Tuesday, four, six nights, second days of 23:45, 13:30, and arrive at) starting from Sydney’s return is weekly five, only three. (micro-blog @2QueensIsland) but if it comes to Australia, do you think it’s just Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast? However, Australia and a few Chinese to virgin – WA, if Sydney is equivalent to China Beijing, then the equivalent of Xinjiang Chinese wa. It is the largest state in Australia, an area equivalent to the whole of Western europe. Although with much land and few people rich tourist resources, but rich, completely subvert the impression of you in australia! Such as painting like Shark Bay, salt flats harvest high-altitude visual girl heart pink paradise – Hutt lagoon in Cable Beach, watch the sunset beach camel team here, just one shot is blue, there is intoxicating beauty to the top of the Wine manor suffocation, known as the "Australia Bordeaux" here there are a variety of healing a small animal, a small piece of bread you can buy self sector net red and your photo some market open only three days a week, but still can not stop the thick smell of just now is the southern spring street, the blue Jacaranda is under a romantic flower rain…. some people say that in this the colorful piece of magic land, before they can enjoy the real Australia style! So, today let Feekr take you to recognize the next – Western Australia. With more than 12 thousand km of coastline all kinds of beach morphology to stunning charming in the first half of this year, the network map wa coastline a group of aerial called "Salty Wings" without PS, attracted the crowd exclaimed "this is beyond the earth beauty", let a person to focus on Western Australia coastline. The light is on all kinds of beach morphology, even spend a few weeks in coastal car may not be collected in the bag will be beauty. || simple abstract drawing – blue hue from Shark Bay salt @Simon Butterworth @Simon Butterworth in Australia map from the westernmost point of Shark Bay is very famous, because have four significant geological features are included in the world heritage. There was a photographer who shot the Shark Bay high salt flats, the blue crystal reflects the color of the sky, salt mining相关的主题文章: