Tianjin home care service subsidies to improve the elderly can buy the nearest service

yesterday learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, this year, the city will improve the service difficulty of home care for the elderly (Nursing) subsidy standards, will be light in weight and three levels of care subsidies from the standard 150 yuan per person per month, 200 yuan, 400 yuan to 200 yuan, 400 yuan, 600 yuan.

has a city residence for more than 60 years of age, enjoy the special city minimum living allowance, poor relief and pension benefits in life care needs of the elderly; over 80 years of one-child parents, municipal model workers, disabled elderly and Empty Nester, and per capita income lower than the minimum wage standard of life care needs the elderly, according to the degree of care, divided into light, moderate and severe grade three for home-based care services (Nursing) subsidy. With household registration in the city over the age of 60 rural residents, rural poverty relief, and rural five guarantees in rural pension subsidies entitled groups; 80 years old, parents of rural one-child rural disabled elderly and rural Empty Nester and family per capita income lower than the per capita net income of rural residents, enjoy the subsidy standard and the city difficult old man.

home care services (Nursing) subsidies in the form of service vouchers to pay subsidies. The day care center will provide assistance meals, help clean, help bath, medical help, help, help emergency services, taking into account the various needs of the elderly, provide cultural entertainment, education, chat, counseling and other services. Elderly people can take the nearest service coupon service.