Tianjin bulletin 3 violation of the provisions of the central spirit of the eight issues

1. Wuqing District Education Office Director Geng Yueli Xu Guan Tun Street office space area exceed the standard problem. In February 2016, Geng Yueli illegal occupation area of 30 square meters of office for their personal duty and rest. At the same time, there are other disciplinary problems. Geng Yueli by the party a serious warning.

2. Xiqing district administrative office chief Liu Baokui gift of public funds and other issues. From March 2015 to January 2016, Liu Baokui use public funds in the name of a person, visit the sick, gift gifts, a total cost of 11 thousand and 500 yuan. At the same time, there are other disciplinary problems. Liu Baokui by the party warning.

3. The deputy director of the First Hospital Affiliated to Tianjin Medical University Li Zhiyong accepting illegal gifts problems. In May 2016, Li Zhiyong held during the wedding for his son, 10 subordinate staff accepting illegal gifts, totaling 5800 yuan, causing adverse effects. Li Zhiyong by the party warning, and was ordered to return the gifts of gold. Tianjin Commission for Discipline Inspection (