Tianjin a driver not tanlong compensation is not blocked a car anywhere who go

a car cargo crashed into the car, the two drivers on the issue of compensation did not reach a consensus on the consumption in situ. As a result, the road plugging into a gruel. After the traffic police investigation and evidence collection, on the spot on the illegal violation of the behavior of illegal driving behavior.

9:30 yesterday about roads near Tianjin Binhai Avenue, Hedong District and Kunming bridge junction, two car collision accident happened. The scene saw a van and a car "cow, two car damage is not serious. It is understood that at the time of the goods from the side of the road out of a roadside, retrograde into the road, and the normal driving car collision. Although the car damage is not very serious, but the two car drivers did not reach an agreement because of the compensation problem, the two cars can not move. As a result, Binhai Avenue to Wanda direction of traffic, vehicles can not pass, some of the vehicles had to turn retrograde back, not a small security risk.

traffic police quickly rushed to the scene after receiving the report to take pictures of evidence, and let the drivers will be two car. After investigation, the police conducted a violation of the van driver, to a fine of 200 yuan recorded 3 points penalty, then let the two drivers to traffic accidents fast processing center to discuss compensation for vehicle. 10:00 or so, traffic basic recovery. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation.