This bowl of "sour" breakfast, so that the whole city of Beijing every day waiting for the Sohu and the taste is more than be handed down from age to age, as well as authentic. Less familiar with the club and the rapid ring, breaking the dream of Xu Jiaxiang. Don’t open your eyes and see, maybe a 4 a.m.. Early winter bed is the most sticky, greasy warm night, really do not want to encounter, wanton growth of chilly. Jiaxiang has a minute did not dare to stay in bed. He tried to open my eyes, a hastily sat up. He has to rush in before half past four, appear in the store houchu. The whole city of Beijing is waiting for him. The 26 year old Jiaxiang, a piece of Beijing, is a love to wear T-shirt printing, Beijing tide. He once wore an apron, drilling Houchu, lift the copper spoon, he is a small club famous old Ciqikou Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk) shop. At the age of 17, a Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk) grew up in the youth, "talked wildly": father, you retire, I to shop. He said nothing, kicked him in the kitchen. Look at the teacher stirring big spoon and the pot of boiling Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk), ten fingers do not stick spring water in Jiaxiang this stupid eye. Everything needs to be told. Few clubs are no exception. From the beginning of learning to learn pastry, boil the food, master how to speak, we must do the most, a taste changed. The 17 year old apprentice, 20 year old chef in Jiaxiang in order to export the apprenticeship, the same old taste, I do not know by how much injury, how much to eat a master. Five in the morning, the kitchen more than one meter diameter of the pot on the fire. Jiaxiang chefs, will be in the pot, as more than half of the capital, more than 3 thousand bowls of Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk) aochu. The selection of mung bean grains full, after ten hours of soaking, grinding mill has been traditionally thinboicing. "Doushi to boil, rather than cook." Jiaxiang old Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk), must endure two. The first layer, Douzhi water mixing, slow boil, boil a spoon continued. "The fire can not be big, a big fire, Douzhi a bulla, is not good." Wait till it seems to open non open, when the foam, Jiaxiang big spoon over the "Introduction" to join for second layer. "Introduction" by the day before the night made bean juice, heat preservation and fermentation. Only in this way can we make the most authentic sour flavor. The flower didn’t spend much time, patrons can taste the taste, so proudly in the soybean milk is the best, the texture of thick, moist texture, otherwise it will dilute the taste Douzhi, far worse." "相关的主题文章: