The upcoming CICF white knight articles as "magic card" sincerity field come as a well-known animation exhibition, Chinese International Cartoon Festival of animation and game exhibition (CICF) has attracted many domestic first-line animation game manufacturers. The appearance of the White Knight "card" hand in hand to swim new field, will give all the animation game fans present were very impressive. [original and exquisite quality set adorable full strength! ] hundreds of fine characters, by Asian popular painter DEDECATES, beautiful cute characters, will catch your eye. Alice, the small red hat, snow white…… in this fairy tale characters through; Mousika, Venus, Heather… God in the heaven…; Charlie, Arthur, Govan. The king and knight…… assembled here. Carlo McGregor, gathering popularity role from various dimensions, is again given the shape and character, which will have a partner, your adorable poke the point! [exciting activities waiting for you to COS game characters of super high quality so seductive], not a cos how line?! The exhibition, the White Knight booth, you can see the small partners in the game for the first time the role of cosplay, watching the lovely figure out of the game, the real presence on the stage, think about the excitement! In addition, there are many bags, surrounding both hands. Of course, games too, want to feel the first time "card" field charm, don’t miss this year’s CICF! To the White Knight booth including your fun! Will the above 2 characters be expected by cos? A "magic card" card ":" field is a field of two dimensional real-time strategy Mobile Games. Hundreds of beautiful figures from Asia renowned artist DEDECATES, beautiful cute characters, will catch your eye; a number of well-known Japanese seiyuu sweet vocals, let your big rocks! Combined with the strategy card burning brain and battle of passion for perfection, innovation battle mode unprecedented, give you cool to explosion of the gaming experience; from different races and different factions of the brave and monster here, super beautiful card original, fully satisfy your desire to collect; with the story of ups and downs, continue to explore the secret of creation, you will create a "magic card" on the field of the Grand View of the world marvel.相关的主题文章: