The seventy-third Venice Film Festival gathered a large coffee   Chinese zero finalists – the media – original title: Kusturica, he rushed to the golden lion at the seventy-third Venice Film Festival last night local time opening. Since the publication of the main competition unit finalists, the Venice Film Festival is particularly interesting, there is a saying that this is the strongest in recent years, the Venice film festival. In June this year as the Shanghai International Film Festival main competition jury of the famous director Amir? Kusturica, this brought new "the Milky Way long road"; Wim? Screenwriter Wenders again with the "Berlin cooperation under the heaven", "Alan Huw Aars brought new good days"; Terrence Malik brought about? Time and the birth of the universe and the documentary "dies time travel"; in addition, the opening film, "drummer" director Damian burst? Chazelles new "Philharmonic city", Natalie nominated biopic starring Portman? "The first lady", making this year’s Venice film festival called masters, star studded. The master guide competition at the Venice film festival main competition of the 20 nominated films, "the Milky Way long road" can be regarded as the most popular before, this is the third time Kusturica Venice film festival main competition, by virtue of his father, "to travel", "underground" two times won the golden palm award. "The Milky Way long road" he is following the 2007 "promise me", after a lapse of 9 years before the launch of the new film in three segments, show a man The imprint is engraved on my heart. life experiences, including the brutal war, and lovers of true love, and after a recall. Kusturica personally starred in the cast, the actress was invited to the Monica? Bellucci. Terrence? Malik’s documentary "time travel" has a special surprise to the audience, the film by Peter Brad and Kate?? Blanchett as narrator, has always been a slow worker is known as the Malik, to this beautiful picture and philosophizing documentary debut in Venice. French and Russian director Francois? Property master director Andre? Kangcha Jankulovski’s new finalists, may also be overjoyed, two people have are black-and-white movies, the former is the fresh period drama "Franz", the latter is dignified thinking "war of heaven". The opening film "Philharmonic city" is by the suction eye, Gauss Lin and Elmar Ryan?? starring Stone, director Damian Chazelles to continue? Famous music movie theme, which he also directed second feature films. The film tells the story of Elmar and jazz pianist Gauss Lin played? Stone played between actress love story, "Philharmonic city" in the title, said a person immersed in their own world, was later used to refer to Losangeles and Hollywood. "Philharmonic city" reputation in the preview is good, the United States released file December 16th, at Oscar. In addition, the German director Wim Wenders together again? "Berlin sky" screenwriter Peter? Handeke, launched a new "beautiful day" Alan Huw Aars. Allegedly, Wenders originally planned the script adapted into a drama, but eventually made into a 3D)相关的主题文章: