The police intended Beijing thorough investigation of marijuana – network not long ago, folk singer Song Dongye was arrested in a marijuana receiving delivery, the drug package is what he bought from the internet. "Pilot", "Captain", "fuel"…… Marijuana smokers, there are different roles for the corresponding code. For outsiders, these words are hard to relate to drugs. However, these seemingly unrelated words, has become a network of marijuana’s "slang". The reporter unannounced visits found that the cultivation, trafficking, receiving a series of behavior is dependent on the network. In the network, marijuana smokers have their own circle, the sale of marijuana hidden in the network, the formation of the ordinary people are not familiar with the marijuana arena. Lawyers reminded that the relevant acts constitute a crime, will be held criminally responsible. The police responded that it is necessary to increase the intensity of investigation, multi sectoral cooperation with the network to combat marijuana transactions. The specific name "slang" to avoid monitoring type pilot and multiple QQ group, many groups to a green leaf as the group head. Once in marijuana insiders small music recommendation, the reporter to join the QQ group "pilot" identity. In the small music seems, QQ group every day to join the new people, have also been kicked out. "Some people are curious, not the people in the circle, neither buy nor chat, so one or two days will be cleared out." In the QQ group, the group of friends of nearly all communication with outsiders cannot read. "". Many of the pilots of the group, there is no relationship with aviation. Here, the meaning of flying is marijuana". "Pilots’ are those who smoke marijuana, the captain is the one who sells marijuana." Yue said, use the code to avoid sensitive words in network monitoring. What are the people who smoke marijuana? In a number of QQ group, through the statistical information on the members of the group found that in a pilot called QQ group, which has 1882 members, female members accounted for 72%, 90 members accounted for up to 59%. In the pilot QQ group, the female members of the group of more than 52% to 62% range, 90 percent of the members of the group also ranged from 59% to 96%. QQ is not the real name, some may age, gender is not allowed, but the general situation is still the case, mostly women, mostly young people, some even high school students." Le Le said that in the eyes of many smokers, smoking marijuana is not addictive, and smoking almost. In the circle of marijuana users, many people will be smoking marijuana act as "flying is the eternal dream of mankind". QQ group has become an important place for them to exchange, where marijuana growers, traders and smokers. "It feels like flying after smoking marijuana, so this group is called ‘pilot’." Xiao Le said. QQ group, not only to discuss the sale, feel, but also someone to share learning marijuana planting technology. Express channel marijuana into the tea box to join the QQ group, the reporter with a captain made joint 9相关的主题文章: