Self-Improvement Psychology has described human personality as the totality of traits that are acquired and inherent around him. A person’s environment plays a key role in the conduct, habits and traits formed by an individual. Personal conviction may often be swayed when outside influences pulls the person to doing that which he personally prefers not to. The environment around a person may be called his own community. The people whom he associates, the neighborhood friends, the social status of the people within the area contribute to the kind of behavior a person has. Studies have shown that those living in poor communities tend to establish negative and poor habits because of lack of awareness and education. Children who are raised in these families and associate with other children like them are in danger of developing the same negative habits that their parents have. One of these negative behaviors is alcoholism and drug abuse. Research has found out that a person has higher chance of developing addiction if one or two of his parents are also suffering from it. The case of alcohol and drug addiction is alarming and one factor that has caught attention to most experts is the influence of the community. The socio-economic status of the community where a person lives does not solely contribute to his actions and behavior. There are many factors that bring about addiction like mental disorders and tragedies experienced by a person. These cases are attended to and examined by skilled professionals in drug treatment. Complete assessment of a person’s life is essential before starting any treatment. The answers to these questions serve as benchmarks to the kind of treatment plan that would best suit the person. Members of the family and other close kin are often encouraged to take part in the whole recovery of an abuser. Some treatment programs require a patient to live in foster residences and in a community where the patient can develop new skills and associate with others who are also overcoming their addiction problem. By doing this, the person can have positive influence and avoid cases of relapse. The support and contribution of the community is highly considered by drug treatment centers. Knowing that the community plays a significant role in overcoming drug addiction helps many treatment programs to tailor their approach in treatment. Friends, families and most importantly the patient benefit much from treatment together. Recovery is not a one time process. Constant care and monitoring is essential in living a sober life. Involving the whole community empowers not only the member but those around him to fight against drug and alcohol addiction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: