The nineteenth national "tuipuzhou" closing – in Qinghai Haidong city Beijing, the original title: the nineteenth national "tuipuzhou" closing the future focus on building "three new network space" in September 14, Qinghai Haidong Haidong city in Qinghai (reporter Zhang Tianfu) the nineteenth National Putonghua promotion week (hereinafter referred to as the "tuipuzhou") 14 days in Ledu city of Qinghai Province East Sea area closing. Vice Minister of the Ministry of education, the State Language Commission Director Du Zhanyuan said, "13th Five-Year three" period, to regulate the social reality of space space, manage the network virtual space, construct good international communication space "". In 1956, the State Council issued the "Regulations on the promotion of Putonghua", in the past 60 years, the promotion of Putonghua as one of the major tasks of language work, has become China’s long-term adherence to the basic national policy. Since 1998, the third week of September each year as "tuipuzhou". In September 8th this year to 14, held the nineteenth national "tuipuzhou". The cause of language and writing has made great contributions to the improvement of our national cultural quality, the promotion of economic development and social progress, the maintenance of national unity and national unity, and the enhancement of national cultural soft power." Du Zhanyuan said. Du Zhanyuan said, "13th Five-Year" period, the language work to take the initiative to the national strategic focus, crucial to rural and minority areas, to promote social applications, the transition to modern governance, to expand the field of international. Du Zhanyuan said, "13th Five-Year" period, the language work "to seize a focus, enhance the ability of the two, the construction of three space", namely to achieve the basic goal of the popularity of the national common language in the country, this is the priority among priorities of language work during the 13th Five-Year "; at the same time, to train to adapt to the well-off society and the construction of national language ability, comprehensive national strength to adapt the national language ability; to standardize the reality of social space, good management of the network virtual space, construct good international communication space. Vice governor of Qinghai Province, Qinghai province Marina? Is a multi-ethnic province, is a multi language and multi language coexist in the provinces, the promotion of Putonghua is a very difficult task, the future will accelerate the process of evaluation of two or three types of Qinghai City language work, and strive to create a society that will be a strong atmosphere of Mandarin and writing code word. According to the National Language Committee, as of the end of 2015, China’s Putonghua penetration rate rose from 53.06% in the late last century to more than 70%. 36 kinds of cities and the 347 cities of the two categories, the 985 basic categories of the basic realization of the city, "the initial popularization of Putonghua, the basic norms of social application of Chinese characters" goal. (end)相关的主题文章: