The National Day holiday, Jiangcheng five major shopping malls selling 1 billion 800 million and 10 hotel banquet table 70 thousand yesterday, the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of commerce data show that during the long holiday, Wu, business, business, trade and industry, in the five major state-owned commercial group sales of 1 billion 828 million yuan, an increase of 4.52%. Reporters found that the five major groups in the first two years of the golden week sales decline this year, the ability to absorb gold recovery business to achieve growth. Golden week is the protagonist of the wedding celebration. The eleven day Wu square sales grew more than 20%, the number of customers such as cosmetics, women’s counter soared, many came with the marriage with clothing, bedding and other items. During the National Day holiday, the protagonist of the major restaurants and restaurants should do the wedding of the new people. According to the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of statistics, yum 10 Hotel 7 days sales reached 220 million yuan, an increase of 12%, the cumulative increase of 10% for wedding banquet table 71 thousand. More than a day when there are 6 pairs of wedding, National Day holiday, more than 60% of the business is the wedding guests." Wuhan, a hotel sales manager, told reporters that the wedding feast get together, and compared to previous years, a large scale wedding less.相关的主题文章: