The man fell by strong springs shiguwucun dissolution process is taken water original title: American men fell into the hot spring was shiguwucun acid dissolved into the whole shooting process is strongly acidic hot springs [global network reporter Leng Chunyang reported: according to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported on November 17th, a 23 year old man from Oregon, when to Yellowstone National Park play despite the warning, slide into the hot springs of strong acid died, bones are hot spring water corrosion. Reported that the 23 year old Scott in June this year, despite warnings, trying to soak in the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park. The accident report said, Scott fell into the water, his sister was shot down with a cell phone. Local television stations under the freedom of information act to obtain an accident report to disclose the tragedy. Although there are many warnings along the way, prohibit tourists into the water, but Scott and his sister still looking for, hoping to find a hot spring into the bubble. After the accident, was recorded in the course of the accident occurred in her sister’s phone, she also tried to rescue, but because the maximum temperature of the park over 95 degrees Celsius, plus high acidity, it is difficult to fall into the survival. Search and rescue personnel once saw the remains of the pool, but also to find the deceased’s personal belongings, but due to the advent of darkness, and thunderstorms, decided to temporarily give up fishing. But second days after the rescue personnel to return to the scene, unable to find the bodies of the dead in boiling springs, the park has been determined to be dissolved in high temperature. Police said the park everywhere warning signs, not only to protect the fragile environment, but also to protect the safety of tourists. Police appeal, visitors come to Yellowstone National Park to play, must comply with the park safety code, in order to avoid accidents. It is reported that in 1872 the establishment of Yellowstone National Park is mainly located in Wyoming, located in Montana and idaho. There are more than 10000 hot springs and geysers in, the world’s largest national park.相关的主题文章: