The head of state and monk desperate offensive behavior will destroy Buddha hell master Huiyuan (source: information) Zhou emperor sitting high in the hall of the Baoyi, standing below Wenwubaiguan and he called a monk Hui Yuan, among them. Outside the hall, holding a sword, warrior wearing armor in the three layer, the three layer is guarded. The hall was quiet. At this time, Zhou just out of the Northern Qi Dynasty, the state Zhou emperor sat on the throne a thousand things wait to be done, on to the people fully satisfied or contented, he announced a decision shocked them now. He thought he did for the emperor, there is no one dared to what objection to his decision. Because they all know that he is a repeated battle, kill a person even won’t blink an eye of the fierce emperor. Although he put these people in the name and they took counsel, actually let them submissively hear and obey. The emperor looked at the crowd, loudly announced his decision: "I was ordered to raise all the people. Now I have ordered the abolition of buddhism!" In the hall the commotion, was asked a monk at a loss about what to do, confound. The emperor noticed all reflect, he just smiled, then said: "Buddhism exist for a long time, but it is wrong to speak the truth. Six of Confucianism, is to promote the governance of the truth, it advocated the propriety of filial piety is good for the world, so we in confucianism. The so-called true Buddha in Buddhism is nothing, no one can see. I want to believe in as long as to express their admiration vanity can be, not by the Buddhist sutra, buddha. A lot of Buddha pagoda graphics, Buddhism and built many temples, believers all belongings, the people, what are the benefits? Only harass the people and waste money. Therefore, Buddhism can not be left, such as Buddhist supplies will be destroyed. Their parents, monks do not honor their parents, is the most rebellious, not allowed by laws. So the monks to return home, to filial piety. How I think, please ladies about your opinions." Five hundred monks at the silent language, they all know, resist the emperor’s decision, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. The monks were scared trembling legs look ashen, endless. The emperor was pleased to see the scene. At this time, a person to come out from the monks, said loudly: "Your Majesty, no matter!" All eyes are focused on the monk, who is a famous monk of the Northern Dynasties and Sui Hui yuan. Zhongseng for Huiyuan pinches a sweat. Zhou emperor heard someone against his decision, but also face the unpleasant color. His side of the samurai, some hold the sword to wear. But the emperor to show its enlightened, no holding back attack. Huiyuan the look in the eyes, but he was unafraid to look straight up to the emperor, and talk aloud: "your majesty and the vast territory, get the supreme status, but listen to mediocre opinions, to destroy the dharma. You say you really have no image. But the eyes and ears of sentient beings can come to know through the Buddhist sutra, Buddha to true buddha. If you want to abolish Buddhism, what do people use to respect the real Buddha?" The emperor said: "they know the true Buddha nature, without the help of Buddhist scriptures and buddha.""相关的主题文章: