UnCategorized Wouldn’t it be wonderful to understand the force that controls what you think and how you act? The thoughts and actions you engage in today, determine the results you experience now and into the future. So, if you understood the force that controls you, you could use that knowledge to change your thoughts and your actions to get the results in work and life that you desire! This Is Important! Between 80 and 95% of what you think .es from habits of thought called attitudes. And those habits of thoughts .e from your beliefs. And where do your beliefs .e from? Your beliefs .e from your teachers. Who were your teachers? All the people you came in contact with and their beliefs. Let’s drill down even more into how we acquired our beliefs. Some of your teachers were parents, siblings, relatives, school teachers, playmates and others who influenced your life. What beliefs did your parents have about money, raising children, eating, hygiene, work and play, and so on? Were their beliefs the Truth – meaning derived from universal laws and hence always true? Or were their beliefs influenced by incorrect assumptions, past negative experiences, the imperfect beliefs received from their parents, and the imperfect beliefs of their parents before them? Were siblings, relatives, school teachers, playmates, and other people in your life teaching you the Truth or imperfect beliefs? Your beliefs are handed down to you from others and you think and act from those beliefs resulting in the life you experience today. So the ‘Force that Controls You’ is the beliefs you acquired in the past. The life you experience today is a result of your past thoughts and actions driven by your beliefs. Knowing the Truth If we could only discover what the Truth is, then we could change our beliefs and change how we think, act, and then enjoy the life of our dreams. It is simple but hard. It takes time and effort to reflect on the life you are living and ask these questions: 1. What actions am I taking that result in the life I am living? 2. What thoughts and attitudes underlie those actions? 3. What beliefs do I possess that create those thoughts and attitudes? 4. Where did I acquire those beliefs? 5. Were those beliefs the Truth or were they flawed? 6. What is the Truth? Knowing the Truth will take the acquisition of knowledge through learning, reading, study, and integration of all that you learn. It is called developing wisdom. But once you know the Truth it will set you free to change your beliefs, thinking, attitude, behaviors and create the life of your dreams. Is this process worthwhile? Absolutely! Can you do it? YES should be your answer! It’s a big job that can’t be done overnight. What can be ac.plished overnight is a decision to pursue this journey of discovery and personal growth. Courage, .mitment, and discipline exercised over time will then yield unbelievable results. Take one day at a time. Begin by taking just a few minutes each day to pursue this journey. As time passes and you make progress you will be motivated to take more time each day and accelerate the development process. In time, you will experience unbelievable personal growth and development and your life will change for the better. It is worth the effort. Start your journey now! Make the decision and .mit to taking ‘More Control of Your Life.’ About the Author: Leadership Advantage, Inc. [email protected] or at 602 996-1802. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: