The sound of autumn’s contemporary art exhibition will be the first sound of autumn – Contemporary Art Exhibition in Sichuan City: Chengdu curator: Li Jinsong academicchair: Tu Fu Xi, Tony IP exhibitors: Guo Jianting, He Mingke, Li Jinsong, Tu Guohong, Wu Gang, Zhang Ailin, organizer: Redwall Gallery support unit: Blue top art museum, Chengdu University Academy of Fine Arts Sichuan Art Publishing House exhibition time: November 19, 2016 – December 10, 2016 (Monday, Hugh) opening time: November 19, 2016 (Saturday) 15:00 Venue: Red Wall Art Museum exhibition address: Chengdu Shuangliu County Road (blue top Gallery 150 meters outside: three) sponsored by carpenter pictures of -6 "160x80cm" buckwheat, oil painting He Mingke, 2015 "The sound of autumn’s" the exhibition title comes from the Song Dynasty poetess Zhu Shuzhen "Bodhisattva · autumn", the original words of "sound of autumn blows off the Indus cricket chirp Yin add something……". Use "the autumn sound first" as the name of the exhibition is based on two points: one is the exhibition is in the late autumn opening ceremony; two is our attempt to make an academic exhibition suddenly sounded in the bleak autumn. Lurking in the deep sea art artists, mostly working life in top art zone and blue top Youth Village, their daily hard creation, the art of thinking, like an ascetic. Is a kind of latent state, or an action. The first, which suddenly. A sudden sound, the sound even if weak, but they are from the artist’s heart. "No.30" 120X180cm; 2016- Guo Jianting as oil painting; Art Center of Chengdu, every week there are several noisy exhibition debut. Among them, the business of business, art of art. The numerous art exhibition, with a strong personality and critical works are rare. The lyrical and soft demands may be the mainstream art in Chengdu, the climate and the traditional scroll and Chengdu pleasant and relaxed living environment. Outside the mainstream, there are a few fringe artists are holding does not conform to this city nature of art. Art needs different opportunities and space. Art is the artist’s emotional and psychological tendencies, but also a universal visual expression. Universal visual expression of humanistic spirit is independent voice, freedom of expression and puts forward questions and criticism. Universal visual expression is the most basic expression of contemporary art. "Heterotopias" 250X180cm materialized 2 acrylic 2016- artists including Zhang Ailin, Guo Jianting, He Mingke, Fu Xi, Li Jinsong, Tu Guohong, Wu Gang, Zhang Ailin. As an academic exhibition, strive to pursue differences, rather than isomorphism. The work of seven people is precisely because of the difference. The difference between the age, the style of art. As they age, from 50 to 80 after the cross; in terms of the artistic style, some of them pay attention to social problems, some inner tendency to self examine, some in the illusion of representation will be the language of painting to the extreme, some form of bentu passion…… They have a strong pine相关的主题文章: