The field and the black car rental Haikou "but" illegal passenger driver also strike violently drove a taxi to the nearby Danzhou City Nanhai Avenue West soliciting Xiuying District No. one of Haikou, the conflict was beaten with the same illegal soliciting private car drivers, the first student to call her husband Lee to the Southern Metropolis Daily hotline complaints. For the exposure of illegal soliciting shady". According to Mr. Lee introduced: his wife is a taxi driver in Danzhou, guests often drive from Danzhou to Haikou, and pick up people from Haikou back to Danzhou. The taxi is not because of the field in Haikou soliciting, so as to avoid detection, his wife often go to the South China Sea near the West Avenue, soliciting. Here is a gathering point outside the taxi and private cars illegally soliciting. September 11th at 8 o’clock, Lee’s wife from Danzhou to pull the guests to Haikou, came to the area near the west, the South China Sea Road waiting for passengers. Soon after, a guest who was about to go to Danzhou was ready for her taxi, when a private car driver from Danzhou, who was waiting for a bus, came near. The driver said the guests he had originally call over, the guests asked to him, was rejected after the fists beating his wife, his wife was 110 to alarm after the wounded.相关的主题文章: