The exchange rate of about   oil profits; three aviation enterprises seek diversified development of energy – at low oil prices and the increase of passenger flow, three aviation enterprises did not produce good results of senior high school entrance examination. The first half of the year, three aircraft business revenue increased, net profit fell 10%. Low price dividend gradually digestion, increase the exchange rate fluctuations, increased competition, three aviation enterprises are facing the challenge of "how to grow". However, many airline executives said the second half of the exchange rate will be reduced to the material stabilization performance pressure. The major airlines through a variety of ways to optimize the debt structure, taking into account the second half of last year, three aviation enterprises have huge foreign exchange losses can lead to lower than the base, is expected in the second half of the performance will be better than the first half. The first half of the decline in net profit in the first half, three aviation enterprises continue to enjoy lower prices and dividends, reduce fuel costs nearly 6 billion 400 million yuan in total. Data from the air show that the oil price of $1 per barrel, will affect the annual fuel cost of $346 million. In the first half of the total cost of fuel and its share of the total cost decreased from 30% to $23.6%. However, the domestic aviation enterprises in the exchange rate on the collective planted a big somersault. The sharp depreciation of the RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar in the two quarter, bring huge financial costs, is the primary cause of the big three enterprises profit fell. Airline fuel, aircraft leasing and purchase are denominated in dollars, and a huge amount. For airlines, the devaluation of the RMB exchange rate and interest costs will make a substantial increase in net profit will have a huge impact. Reported that the first half of the Air China exchange losses reached 1 billion 697 million yuan, up sharply increased by 1281.13%. Eastern net loss increased by 1 billion 299 million yuan, resulting in its financial expenses increased by an increase of 138.28%. China Southern Airlines over the same period this data was 1 billion 507 million yuan. Three aviation enterprises exchange losses totaling more than 4 billion 500 million yuan. In addition, Hainan airlines, Spring Airlines and auspicious airlines have suffered a huge loss of foreign exchange. Air data show that the RMB exchange rate change of 1% per dollar, the impact on the company’s net profit will reach $480 million, interest rate changes every 100 basis points, will affect the interest expense of $668 million. In addition to foreign exchange losses, international flights than expected earnings is also a major cause of the decline in the performance of the three aircraft. Hot spots in Europe due to the demand for the event of a sharp drop in temperature, this is a piece of cake, but to face competition from the world’s peers; fares continue to decline, but also affected the airline’s revenue. Daily news show, Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines in the first half of international business passenger revenue fell 12.45%, respectively, 15.15% and 11.11%. Zhou Enyong, general manager of China Air Network Revenue Department said that judging from the previous experience of the airline, the occurrence of a terrorist attack on the negative impact of the aviation industry to take at least 1-2 months to eliminate. In the first half of this year, a number of Western European countries occurred in a short time terrorist attacks, resulting in a direct decline in demand for European routes fell 10%. Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia routes by narrow body aircraft to fly, these routes are faced new challenges "separatist forces", including local and regional airlines)相关的主题文章: