The city of Shaoxing one hundred thousand meter this winter upgraded "anti freeze" yesterday, a reporter from the city water group learned to cope with the extreme cold weather frozen, recently the group in the city within the scope of "water pipe cutting, water pipeline replacement, warm" three measures, of which only 100 thousand meter will change to anti -15 low temperature anti freezing water meter. In January this year, the extreme cold weather that has not been encountered for 50 years has brought unprecedented severe test to the water supply facilities. The cold period (from January 24th to February 2nd), the only city in the administrative area of water user hotline received 61321 calls, only 24698 meter Donglie residents. How to improve and enhance the design and construction standards, the maximum of science to prevent large area water supply facilities damage, damage in March of this year, the city tap water company in conjunction with the municipal water group, coastal water engineering and design units respectively to the water supply company in Harbin, Hefei was investigated and the final decision taken from the local water supply facilities in antifreeze warm ways and measures. It is estimated that the anti freezing water meter replacement involves 242 old multi-storey residential area, 201 villages and 52 high-rise residential, about 105 thousand, is expected to be completed before the end of December this year. At present, Yuanmen south, Wanghua District has the construction approach. Roof water tank transformation, the city involves a total of 54 old multi-storey residential area, 873 water tanks, need to be blocked by all tubes, no longer use. According to the dispersion and concentration after the principle, before the end of November this year plans to complete 873 roof water tank pipe cutting transformation. At present, 6 old multi-storey residential areas have been built in the south area of the city, completed 4. Pipeline transformation, the whole region involves a total of 200 old multi-storey residential district, of which the unit is about 85 thousand meters, the wall pipe is about 45 thousand meters. Before the end of December this year to complete the program part, as the main target for this year during freezing, water ice breaking ratio is greater than 50% of the old multi-storey residential area, about 50 or so. At present, has completed the overall transformation of Paojiang area three pass cell and thermal pilot sample.