if you think those hot spots in Yunnan is too commercialized, why not to hide in the depths of the mountains of Yunnan 9 is not known for the characteristics of the village? Only in these places, you can feel what is the real Yunnan ecological oh!

· Shangri-La, Xixiang, Diqing; Tang man Cun

, Xixiang is the famous Tibetan tea horse road since ancient times, is still the mainland to Tibet, Nepal, India and other places of the traffic arteries, Indonesia pottery products and wood products are favored by domestic and foreign tourists.

, Xixiang soup soup heap area man Cun black pottery product processing has a long history, from the mining sarcophagus tomb have black pottery. Soup soup man Cun specific soil became the only area of pile base Indonesia production pottery, pottery here has two notable features: one is no runner, kneading by hand; two is not the burning pit, directly on the ground firing.

Dali ·

Heqing County town of Xinhua Village of Caohai

Xinhua Village not only has a unique pastoral scenery, but also has a long history of national handicrafts processing. As early as in the Nanzhao period, the villagers began to process the village folk handicrafts. Xinhua Village, a small village from humble development to now famous "China Yindu", due to "technology, every family has a household is factory" to create exquisite handicrafts. The craftsman with dexterous hands to forge a new Xinhua village.

Dehong · Longchuan County ahuzam Township mangdan village

this is one of the oldest Achang village, have a history of thousand years. The old house was built for the precious wood, Phoebe, a house of wood from a general nanmu tree, even the giant tree still visible area of several acres. Is a large stone road landscape and the road is long, the village is long history.

The main resident

mangdan village group is Achang, Achang Huche forging techniques spread in the northwest of Longchuan County ahuzam Township, has 600 years of history, the blade hardness and toughness reach the best state through special process, known as "soft around the finger, blow that off, just can be cut iron".

Dali · Jianchuan County town of Shaxi village temple

in the Southern Silk Road "tea horse road", a thousand years old market, this is the mysterious quiet, beautiful simplicity, natural harmony of the ancient town of Shaxi.

Shaxi preserved the very complete ancient bazaar, stage, Xingjiao temple, village gate, residential buildings and other large monuments of the ancient roadway. Deng deng;