Ten thousand feet: This is the real downhill skier (original title: from the vertical peak of nearly 13000 feet down, we couldn’t even see him) lead: you can see the figure of skiers? (source: Interface) so the vertical peak of the Swiss eye nearly 13000 feet is enough to make you dizzy. But can you imagine jump down from a peak in the sled, sliding down the feeling? Well, for the 27 year old Swiss skier Jeremie Heitz, which made him feel more excited than fear. The picture caught Heitz’s slide from a mountain peak in the Alps, and his tiny silhouette was almost impossible to see in this huge, white background. The 27 year old Swiss skier Jeremie Heitz in the picture of 13000 vertical feet in the picture of a mountain. Can you find him? He’s in the red circle! The extreme athlete is taking a video of adrenaline when he slides down for red bull. For this project, he picked up 15 dream peaks from the top. In heaven the script pictures show him fearlessly from non ski shaped skis on the thick scary slide down. Heitz began to love skiing when he was a young man, and at the age of 2 he tried for the first time. He says his special gift is "never say no to a new adventure", and his philosophy of life is "200% to enjoy time."". From these photos, Heitz, of course, do his life motto. This year, he was ranked ninth in the Verbier freestyle world tour. Different peaks: this map shows where Heitz took his sleigh and support team. Jeremie Heitz text all pictures are from Tero Repo Bull Content Pool translation: Liu Zhuolan, Red相关的主题文章: