Tao Yin "no problem" for the Tokyo Film Festival Golden kylin entertainment Sohu – Tao Yin "no problem" Tao Yin film "no problem" film Sohu entertainment news the day before, directed by Wei Fan, Tao Yin, Mei Feng, Jiang Zhongwei, Liang Tingwei starred in the "no problem" has been announced the finalists this year, the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival competition. Other finalists will compete for the Tokyo awards, judges special award, best art award and other important awards. The film is adapted from the short story of the same name written by the modern Chinese writer Lao She, which tells the story of the different management effects of the managers of the Chinese farm in the rear area during the war of resistance against japan. Among them, Tao Yin’s performance to the film has brought a lot of surprises, and the first partner of the rub out of the other spark has become a major aspect of the film, causing the audience’s expectations of the film. "No problem" in the main competition of Hurricane Tao Yin acting conspicuous since the film "no problem" Tokyo International Film Festival finalists announced the news, the public have expressed the expectation for Tao Yin. In recent years, Tao Yin works constantly, is representative of the public mind "best actor acting". This year, with the "people’s prosecutor" again topped the ratings Queen’s throne, by virtue of their role of accurate grasp to break the people prosecutors serious impression consistent, the audience was known as "the history of the United States attorney". The new works of "love" in the frontier before the shooting on the concern, users have said that Tao Yin is looking forward to the performance in the play, I believe at the time of broadcast will trigger another round of ratings boom. A black and white movie Tao Yin breakthrough limit the role of break the normal procedure, "no problem" is a film set in Chongqing during the war of three black and white screen fable style of photography, break the normal procedure now many digital movies and have a unique style in the film special effects in a faction, black and white tone, but also more obvious film to convey nostalgic atmosphere. Tao Yin played in the film, especially the wife, is a key figure in the film, the story is closely related to her. Tao Yin in the past with his superb acting and unique performance style, always make the plot and characters more full and rich. This is not a problem, the industry has also expressed optimism.   相关的主题文章: