Come and take a look at the 9 existing grotesque drinking rules lead: you said: the world is so big, I want to see. I said: the world of wine is bigger, come and look at the 9 existing drinking rules! (source: red wine world network Author: Vivian) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Is there are national laws and family rules, no rules without Cheng Fangyuan. In Wine world, of course, there are some rules and laws require people to follow. For example, some winemakers follow the winemaking process to complete the red, white and pink Wine Wine Wine brewing; France Bordeaux region (Bordeaux AOC) Wine statutory provisions made for Wine varieties and the brewing process; and every country on the legal drinking age regulations etc.. Some of the provisions has very strong operation and conforms to the universal values, some are unheard of, let people find everything fresh and new or interesting. Here, follow the small series together to see the existing 9 bizarre drinking rules! 1 Georgia: feeling, a stuffy photograph: LoveThisPic in Georgia traditional dinner, guests must wait for the master delivered a toast, drinking wine to sketch. When the master’s speech grew about 15 minutes, after the guests have to drink a cup of wine to drink, to show respect and gratitude. It is reported that this boring mode will continue throughout the dinner. However, Chinese table also has deep feelings, a stuffy "habit. Small advice: drink people who do not participate in Georgia’s traditional dinner should be careful. 2 France: hide real tax but Napoleon (Napoleon) had laws, the provisions of the French winemakers must be made Wine 1% year as a "tax" to the state, as a reward the military supplies. Although the French winemakers do not need to pay Wine again, but they still need to put the grape peel and kernel after pressing on isobaric lees, for government departments to produce industrial alcohol. Comments: in the parts of a romantic French wine, also do not forget to make the best use of! 3 Korea: first respect soju is South Korea’s most common and most traditional wine. South Koreans in the liquor, wine people must take the bottle with both hands, by pouring should also hands holding the cup to show mutual respect. When the elder or superior toast, toast should be their glasses, holding a bit low, to express respect for each other, and some even asked to drink when need to face to the side, the elderly can not open. Xiao Bian question: This is not affected by the impact of my great Chinese culture? 4 Hungary: ambition will not knock glass to knock on the glass, knock the wine bowl to express their joy at the happy time always, but in Hungary, almost no one would knock when drinking wine. Legend, the Hungarian Revolution of 1849, Arad (Thirteen Martyrs of Arad thirteen martyrs) were executed, they had the enemy!相关的主题文章: