Taiwan KMT accounts were frozen   cannot be issued in September to determine the salary of Party members — Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: Taiwan Kuomintang party in September to determine the account is frozen salary cannot be issued BBC UK Chinese network reported on September 29th, because of Taiwan’s "improper Party committee" inventory, ordered "only deposit, not to mention, the Kuomintang is determined to be issued in September the party workers salary. Allegedly, the KMT Central Party issued an internal document, said the original Friday (30) should be issued in September salary, determine "can not be issued on schedule."". However, the Kuomintang Party Central Committee expressed the hope that the end of October to nine, twelve months together with payment of salary. The Kuomintang official document says, "the party is facing great difficulties, and will try to maintain the rights and interests of all Party members.". Please forgive me Tongren of unwillingness." The previous Taiwan "inappropriate Party committee" of the Bank of Taiwan, Bank of Yongfeng, the KMT freeze bank accounts, deposits, withdrawals can not only bank also refused to cash the check, the kuomintang. An unnamed KMT has disclosed to the BBC Chinese network that the party will take legal measures in the near future to accuse the bank that refuses to cash the check against the negotiable instrument act. The KMT will also hold a press conference on Friday to explain the situation and the measures to be taken. (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Shi Yunjuan) 台湾国民党帐户被冻结 党员薪水九月份确定无法如期发放–福建频道–人民网 原标题:台湾国民党帐户被冻结 党员薪水九月份确定无法如期发放   英国BBC中文网9月29日报道,由于台湾“不当党产委员会”清查,下令“只能存、不能提”,国民党确定无法发放九月份的党工人员薪水。   据称,国民党党中央发出内部公文,表示原本周五(30日)应该发放的九月份薪水,确定“无法如期发放”。   不过,国民党党中央表示希望十月底能够一起发放九、十两个月份的薪资。   国民党的公文说:“党当前面临重大困境,仍会多方设法尽力维护全体党务工作人员权益。情非得已,敬请各位同仁见谅。”   先前台湾的“不当党产委员会”行文台湾银行、永丰银行,要求冻结国民党的银行户口,只可以存款、不能提款,银行也拒绝国民党兑现支票。   有不具名国民党人士向BBC中文网透露,该党会在近期之内采取法律手段,控告拒绝兑现支票的往来银行违反《票据法》。国民党也将在周五举行记者会,对外说明情况和准备采取的因应措施。 (责编:吴舟、施云娟)相关的主题文章: