Survey: Samsung Note7 recall little impact on customer loyalty of foreign Sohu news in new network on 12 September, recently, Samsung Electronics is due to battery recall of defective Galaxy Note7, but did not affect the foreign consumer loyalty to samsung. According to U.S. media information technology Android Police11 News survey this month shows 4 to 11621 users, 39% Samsung Galaxy Note7 answer recall did not affect the Samsung brand image, there are 37% Samsung answer timely and effective measures to improve its reliability. There are 13% answers to the Samsung smart phone trust slightly decreased, only 11% of the reliability of the answer greatly decreased. According to GSMArena11, the network media news survey last week to 7465 users, 63% said they will wait for the replacement of Galaxy Note7 products, and the answer will choose other company’s products accounted for only 37%. Reported that Samsung Electronics specialized blog SamMobile was also on the 12 Galaxy Note7 battery defects on the impact of Samsung’s reliability survey. Of the 2011 respondents in 46% replied, "don’t mind, all industries are likely to recall, the recall will not bring too much negative impact on Samsung; 39% of the respondents said," Samsung is not affected by the degree of trust, thanks to Samsung timely response measures "; and 15% said," really trust damage will no longer buy Samsung products".相关的主题文章: