Attraction I stubbed my toe this morning.  Ok, more like slammed it into the door as I attempted to go down the hall.  And that was just the beginning.  It got even better as I spilled juice on my clothing, banged my head on the cabinet door and then couldn’t find my car keys.  Pretty lousy start for a gal who always starts the day intending gentle breezes and smooth sailing. So how did I get out of that funk?  Did a little manifesting re-frame after which presto – the sun came out and the waters calmed.  Re-framing is easy and well worth the few minutes it takes.  Here’s how you do it: STOP what you’re doing, take a breath and realize you’re in deep doo-doo.  DECIDE to leave this manifesting disaster behind and head for calmer seas. STATE what you want in general, positive terms (I want to have an awesome day). REDIRECT your thoughts elsewhere for a few minutes, to something that has nothing to do with the reality of the moment.  Close your eyes and meditate for 5 minutes, sing along with the radio, tell your boss you’ll be late and stop for coffee at a little cafe, take a short walk…anything to get your mind totally off the present. BREATHE slowly and deeply a few times, closing your eyes and concentrating on the experience of the air filling your lungs. DECLARE that you have now started a new, wonderful day then slowly open your eyes, smile and go forward. This process has helped me time and time again, and I use it after any stressful encounter or bad start to my morning.  Try it and see if it doesn’t work for you too. About the Author: Maria Meiners is known as the "Manifesting Muse," and helps ordinary people learn to Manifest using Law of Attraction principles. If you’re new to manifesting, or frustrated because it doesn’t seem to be working in your life then Maria can help you get real, measurable results starting today! Ready to get started? Get your FREE Manifesting Kit at Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Attraction By: Mark Well – There is an essential need to groom and maintain ones physical appearance. It generally brings out the first impression of a persons overall personality and outlook. The need for proper grooming is more import … By: Sandy Z – Do you like to dress like a slob every where you go? It probably isn’t the best idea if you are in business and need to market of sell a product. Here are a couple to tips about getting over yourself and … By: Mia Frizzell – One thing about this camera that you will find in honest reviews is that it is not such a smashing hit for videos. The .plete range of digital cameras is available in all leading stores in Kolkata. The truth is, t … By: Fhill jaques – Most of the skilled people are not able to get employment opportunities because of which they lose a source of earning in.e. By: Nickolas Canales – This is creating goods directly as a team rather than doing it yourself. If you too are interested in buying Residential or .mercial Plots in Punjab, then here are some points that will surely make you appreciate … By: Emily Warden – uk you can be sure that you will receive a high quality moisture eliminator unit, at a .petitive price. This damp stays in the walls of a home and mold and fungus will start to grow and can cause health issues. On … By: Santos Calderon – Una de las primordiales prioridades para Kindle es acrecentar la oferta y seleccin de ebooks para nuestros clientes del servicio en todas las lenguas, afirma Gordon Willoughby, director de Kindle en Europa. By: manuelbaron – Para tener una vida equilibrada es fundamental tener abundancia y prosperidad, el tema de la abundancia tiene muchas implicaciones, hablamos del dinero, relaciones, salud, tiempo, creatividad, etc. Abundancia implic … By: Kandace Cherry – Acne cases are an un.fortable dilemma. You might have control of your breakouts, despite the fact that occasionally it appears difficult. There are several natural home remedies that work well just as well as drug … By: Fannie Tickell – My site … La rfrence de la Voyance 相关的主题文章: