Interior-Decorating No matter the size of your house, adding hanging plants make for a great and non-invasive decorative touch. A good variety of silk plantslarge and small, wide and narrow, on the floor and on the ceilingbrings uniqueness and variety to your home. Most often hanging plants get placed in a corner of the room, which is a great way to spruce up some of the more neglected, dusty areas of your house. They also do not get in anyones way. It is important to hang your plant correctly so that it does not someday crash to the floor. Some of the prettiest plants are larger and heaver; these require a metal hook attached directly to a ceiling beam. Smaller plants use smaller hooks, and can usually be placed anywhere. As you decide on which hanging plants to use, think about colors of the flowers, shapes of the leaves, the designs of the containers, and how the plant will grow. Whether real or artificial, a hanging plant is yet another tool to use in your home dcor. The Endless Diversity of Artificial Trees Most people, when they start their research for getting a new silk tree or bush, are surprised by the great variety of options available to them. The most well-known silk tree is the pine tree (Christmas tree). There are also many unique varieties you may not have had the chance to consider. For example, the banana tree is an exotic option that is somewhat similar in appearance to the palm tree. You can get a .pletely different look by choosing a bonsai tree, which has much smaller and more delicate foliage. One nice feature about the bonsai tree is that it .es in a great variety of styles. A third, less .monly used idea is silk grass, including bear grass, horsetail, and even cattail. The more you get to look at and experiment with different alternatives, the more likely you are to hit on just the right design for your home. Adding Decorative Topiary Plants Just as in art, the way things are spaced in interior design is critical to a well-balanced appearance. When you add topiaries to the area you are enhancing, be sure there is enough breathing room for the plants. Remember there are many topiary sizes, shapes, and styles that you can choose from. One design that usually .plements office areas involves taller, rounded plants. We also re.mend that you choose a silk topiary. This way you will not have to worry about water, bugs, or plan food. Another place where the benefits of silk plants will be helpful is your church. Silk topiaries .e in all shapes and sizes, ranging from very small (such as the bonsai plant) to quite largethey can rival the tallest and best Christmas tree! Many arrangements include some topiary elements within a more standard display. Decorating with Ferns There are two distinct ways of decorating with greenery. You can find some beautiful greenery, bring it home, and play around with your furniture layout so that your plant has adequate room and a natural resting place. The second method is to arrange the house they way you want it, and then look for the right sized plants to fill in the spaces. Ferns are a great way to add nature into a room without taking too much space. The ferns foliage is small and slim, and the fern often grows into the space it has available. There is a wide variety of live and artificial ferns. Ferns are pretty resilient, and are fairly easy to care for and maintain. On the other hand, silk ferns offer the beauty of a fern with no need for maintenance. Ferns work better as background plants than centerpieces, but still ad a nice touch. In this fashion you can set up a great theme or pattern using ferns as a backdrop and beautiful flower arrangements that pop out and catch the eye. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: