Spring Festival express business into hibernation period, some outlets have stopped receiving

countdown to the Spring Festival, a busy year of the courier industry has also entered the Spring Festival mode, a number of courier outlets have stopped receiving, into the hibernation period, consumers receive and send express affected. Yesterday, reporters learned that the express "Spring Festival mode" is expected to continue until the beginning of the eight month is.

with the January 13th Spring Festival opened, some couriers began to embark on the return journey. SF EXPRESS, Yuantong express, daily express and a number of courier company’s customer service staff said that the Spring Festival holiday in 2017, will maintain normal acceptance, in response to the State Post Bureau to call the "year-round" policy. However, reporters found that due to reduce the number of couriers, some express outlets will no longer express Lanshou, only responsible for delivery. Many express outlets, said a year ago will stop receiving. Some express companies said that although the Spring Festival will be on duty, but the transport capacity and delivery efficiency will be lower than usual, so send and receive express than usual may delay.

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in the recruitment website page, you can see the "courier" recruitment information is placed in a prominent position, many of them indicate the "2", "accommodation", "the nearest distribution" and "part-time" conditions also appear in the recruitment notice. It is not difficult to see that the Spring Festival labor shortage on the industry impact is relatively large. A courier company responsible person, although not permitted to reject the courier company during the Spring Festival, but because most of the courier companies are joining the system, the following points are sometimes difficult to express constraints. According to the experience of previous years, most of the courier work need to the beginning of the eight month later, at that time, the courier can really return to normal. Source: Taiyuan evening news