Southwest Jiaotong University Qingdao rail transit Research Institute located in Qingdao high tech Zone 27, Southwest Jiao Tong University Qingdao Rail Transportation Research Institute signed settled in high-tech zones, will be developed in eight areas of Rail Transit Design and technology innovation integration, construction industrialization and other platforms. Reporters from the Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, 27, Southwest Jiao Tong University and Qingdao high tech Zone Management Committee, municipal science and Technology Bureau signed the "Southwest Jiao Tong University Qingdao Rail Transportation Research Institute" at the same time to build agreement, settled in the high tech Zone Research Institute inaugurated. Research Institute of Southwest Jiaotong University will give full play in the field of rail transportation strong scientific research strength, combined with high-speed train technology innovation center construction in Qingdao City, focus on the development of the key technology in the field of high-speed trains, rail transportation, rail transportation and new materials safety inspection research and achievements, to boost the development of rail transportation industry in Qingdao city. According to the agreement, the Research Institute will focus on the construction of the following aspects: eight areas of research and development, is the main direction of Rail Transit Design and technical innovation of railway locomotive and vehicle structure fusion, collision and strength, advanced materials, rail transit vehicle track bridge coupling between wheel and rail, and relationship of vibration and noise of high speed railway infrastructure, disaster prevention and mitigation high speed train traction drive and control, rail transportation safety monitoring etc.. At the same time, the construction of the platform of achievements in industry, to carry out scientific and technological achievements Research Institute, the school and the field of rail transportation incubation and industrialization, inspection monitoring, evaluation and certification and three party service platform; research and development of science and technology, Southwest Jiaotong University rail National Laboratory (chips) of the Qingdao Institute of open sharing, according to the need in a number of R & D institute platform layout the construction of Qingdao; training platform of talent training, the establishment of Southwest Jiaotong University graduate, undergraduate education and training base in Qingdao Research Institute, to implement the dual tutorial system, joint training. The construction of teachers and students of the public record space, guide teachers and students to start their own businesses; investment and financing platform, Institute of diversified investment, the introduction of social capital, the formation of incubator fund, angel investment fund and other funds, promote the Research Institute of incubation and industrialization. Research Institute and strive to 5-10 years, the Institute of rail transportation construction has become a major equipment generic technology research, personnel training, incubation and high tech industry cultivation, public service development "five in one" new R & D institutions. Related links: Southwest Jiao Tong University is a national key university directly under the Ministry of education, is the first national "211 Project", "the characteristics of the 985 Project" key construction, the first to enter the national "2011 plan" research university. The school was founded in 1896, is one of the oldest institution of higher learning in China, is the birthplace of Chinese in modern civil engineering, traffic engineering, mining engineering in higher education. The existing more than 2600 teachers, including 14 academicians, Changjiang Scholars 18, 16 national outstanding youth. The school has a strong R & D, rail transportation National Laboratory (chips), State Key Laboratory of traction power and other 6 national research platform and 32 Provincial Key Laboratory of innovation platform, has made an indelible contribution to the China rail and high speed railway. Qilu Evening News Qilu Lv Lu reporter Liu Zhen.相关的主题文章: