Shanghai a residential club changed office space with root covers and small clubs nuisance was loaned to a root company. Youth Daily reporter Shi Jianping edition photography root volume is huge, very occupied area. The five or six meter high root emergent District, District of "light" and "free" to provoke discontent. Recently, who lives in Changning District with Fangting Garden District of Mr. Shi complained to the newspaper, area of a company will not only small clubs for office space, and the large statue carving piled up in the club, there is a serious safety hazard. Youth Daily reporter recently to the area found there is still the root is placed in the club, someone said that the company will soon start negotiations with the residents. Youth Daily trainee reporter Zhong Lei the owners of large root emergence district security risks exist according to residential property owners, is located in Hongqiao road 2489 get Mantingfang garden is a high-end residential, there are nearly 1/3 of the residents are expatriates. Owners Mr Kim told reporters, a year ago, the club was leased to a company named Shanghai Jiang Taigong Investment Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as ginger Taigong company) of the enterprise, but did not appear before the situation is disturbing, therefore the two party is at peace. Over the fuse is suddenly appeared some time ago within the district more respect for heavy root. Mr. Kim said, October 15th District suddenly into a large truck pulled into these tons of root, including a statue of Guan gong. At first the company responsible person said Taigong ginger root will be placed in the clubhouse, but after the root is too large to be put into the grounds, will stay in the outdoor part of root. After the industry committee, neighborhood coordination, commitment 19 days before the outdoor balcony and carving back indoors. "But in 18, before the root back indoors, ginger Taigong company is in the name of 6 anniversary launched a series of celebrations, including monks, please do drums, hundreds of non residents to enter the area, also held a release activities." Mr. Qin said residential property owners, the company initially promised will root back indoors commitment is not fulfilled, only originally placed in the front balcony with a crane carving club to club on the back of the balcony. Resident Mr. Jiang said that district had a very strict access control system, but because the company, now the whole control system is also useless. In October 25th, the reporter came to the district to see the statue of Guan Yu is still on the front of the clubhouse, and in the clubhouse has a nearly 10 meters tall columnar root placed on the club floor, the hall there is a statue of a fish shaped root, on the back of the club on the balcony as residents said with two statues of root carving. Area residents worry about Mr. Feng, the club root will cause harm to the children playing in the club, especially the tail of a fish shaped root is very sharp, once the accident consequences be unbearable to contemplate. According to residential property owners, the district was built in 1999, foreign sales of residential housing developers when the clear cell is equipped with high-end clubs to provide related services for the owners, and in the sales brochure on large space for the club are introduced. So many owners buy Mantingfang garden house. But now the club has been leased to the company after their office space, residents of the dye相关的主题文章: