Shaanxi public government power list covering the whole city and County town of western network (reporter Liu Wang) by the end of October 31st, Shaanxi province’s 1282 township governments and neighborhood offices through the "Shaanxi Province, the list of responsibilities and public service list unified publishing platform", Quan Liqing discloses the responsibility of the list and the list of public service. So far, the Shaanxi provincial and municipal governments to achieve four levels of government, the full coverage of the three list. The provincial government set an example to make a list of responsibilities in the unified government website since last year on the line, Shaanxi in accordance with the central arrangements, the full implementation of the construction of government power list, list of responsibilities and public service list system. The provincial government in accordance with the "first, under the above rate, pressure stubble promote the idea, based on the completion of the Provincial Department of the list of responsibilities, through the establishment of municipal, county and township responsibilities list" general reference list ", a clear unified preparation of standards, to achieve the overall framework, around the obvious characteristics. At the end of last September, the provincial government discloses 52 provincial departments of power and responsibility matters through the portal; the end of June this year, the provincial government discloses public service matters 40 provincial list of departments and service guide, 10 municipalities and Yangling demonstration zone, 107 counties (city) completed two counties the work of the government departments of power and responsibility list preparation; before the end of October this year, completed the city and County town of three government public services and the towns, street offices of the power and responsibility list. The provincial government vigorously promote the "Internet plus administrative service system construction, the provincial Commission Office and provincial E-government Office jointly the development and construction of the city and County town of unity, four level resource sharing and interoperability of" Shaanxi Province, the list of responsibilities and public service platform, unified release list "in September 2nd in the province at all levels of government portal website on-line synchronization operation. City and County town of the four levels of government covering the whole list of responsibilities corresponding to "three" list covering all the administrative level, 52 provincial departments, 10 municipalities and districts, Yangling demonstration zone and 107 counties (cities, districts), 1282 township governments and neighborhood offices all included in the scope of "building three" list system. "All three list" covers the work of the government departments, including government departments, with the administrative functions of the party work department and part of the province double units and vertical management mechanism. The three list covers all power matters and public service matters. The list of powers includes administrative license, administrative penalty, administrative compulsion, administrative collection, administrative compensation, administrative inspection, administrative reward, administrative confirmation, administrative adjudication and other powers. The list of responsibilities corresponds to the list of powers, each of which has specific and clear responsibilities in each process. Public service list covers the legal and policy support, information consulting, intellectual property protection, employment skills training, public education, employment, social security, health care, housing, culture and sports, such as poverty alleviation of poverty is closely related with people’s daily production and life events. Government administration more transparent market vitality highlights the people enjoy.相关的主题文章: