Screen incoming debris flow "Goodfellas" interpretation of western style China large Sohu –   entertainment; "Goodfellas" interpretation of western style China large Sohu entertainment news TV drama "Goodfellas" the four year old "morning translation" is Beijing TV hit, recently Li Chen Zhang Yi, the two stars are also hard propaganda, the launch date of many more producer and director for the banner, it can be said that this is the industry hopes of a work. Indeed, the literary lines tone, rich camera language, as well as the western style story environment, can let a person feel the sincerity of "Goodfellas". As the first with a western style television drama, "Goodfellas" is the emergence of a TV is the most powerful works "debris flow. In the desert, town, horse, kuaiqiang, these very western movie style elements, and the Li Chen, the legendary "cowboy" image, prancing horse gallop, gun fighting intense scenes and so on are let the audience feel amazing. The flying sand and rolling pebbles northwest desert, messy strong and sharp horseshoe sound, cool sense of the metrosexual man actor, apparently with a strong Lan Xiaolong "masculine" with his works, has broadcast out in diffuse screen. As an experienced military writer, lestina LAN on the Northwest has a soft spot, which he also said, "the northwest part is" Goodfellas "the highlight of the main character, all appear in this part, the conflict between characters and fission occurs when the fate of the light and Lu Yan two a person know the place is here, this is the turning point of the relationship between them." While for the drama starring Li Chen and Zhang Yi, the northwest film has let them remember, in order to make the "art" the perfect show in front of the audience, even in the face of Gansu’s yellow sand, boundless Gobi shoal, two people there is no complain, just as Li Chen said: "we would rather will this half fee play good." From the art of this work, started from "Goodfellas" has attracted many people in the industry praise, whether from the movie like sophisticated production technology, novel narrative or professional film mirror technique, the advent of "Goodfellas" is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in TV industry. The content, "Goodfellas" through the perplexing relationship between the characters and the characters of philosophy ", to show the sincere feelings and profound proposition, struggling with each individual growth and inner swing, to describe the distortion of human nature and the social order fall apart. In the shooting, the crew is quite the effort, whether it is a symbol of hope and northwest rural a tree, or luxurious Shanghai glamour, bring people feel personally on the scene. Technically, the crew more professional Quan Jingbie camera, and strive to show the full range of the war scene. Hollywood Red One Full HD digital photography camera, picture film in cinemas as. The level of first-class production, not only enhance the visual effects, more give the audience a visual impact to shock. Now, many in the raging oratorio, Opera under the "Goodfellas" such a work become an independent school.相关的主题文章: