Scientific prevention and accurate detection of consolidation therapy health — breast cancer prevention month hosting international seminar lecture authority (Song Na) in October 30, 2016, the international breast cancer prevention month seminar held in Harbin Medical University Hospital academic report hall two floor, the public lecture by First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University breast surgery and Heilongjiang precision tumor rehabilitation hospital jointly organized. October is the annual "international breast cancer prevention month", there are experts in Harbin Medical University Hospital and Heilongjiang tumor hospital precision for breast cancer prevention and treatment of cancer specification vulnerabilities to explain, calling attention to the whole society the first killer of women’s health, breast cancer, reduce the incidence of cancer patients with standard treatment to enhance survival the rate of breast cancer patients, help the early return of healthy life. Lecture scene, director of breast surgery hospital physician, Professor of medicine and director Dr. Zhou Yi first began to speak, "" to explain the long-term prevention of postoperative recurrence of breast cancer for the guests, and to explain the knowledge of breast cancer prevention, and emphasizes the relationship between BRCA1 2 gene and breast cancer he said: "the characteristics of breast cancer has familial and hereditary, and the most important genetic gene is 2 BRCA1, once the two gene mutation, female breast cancer risk of up to 87%. And studies have shown that in patients with multiple cases of breast cancer in the family, up to 80% of patients is due to contain harmful BRCA1 2 mutation and disease, so for patients and their families to breast cancer BRCA1 2 gene detection is very necessary." The public lecture, is honored to have Mr. Liu Yanqing, President of the China International Cancer Rehabilitation Research Institute ", he brought the whole management of cancer patients and consolidate the treatment value" health talks for the friends. In-depth analysis of the existence of loopholes in the treatment of cancer and harm, and it also gives a detailed introduction of cancer patients after treatment and how to consolidate the importance of scientific and systematic and accurate the postoperative course of health management for cancer patients, postoperative treatment and rehabilitation system showed a clear pattern for rehabilitation high medical value of cancer patients after operation. In addition, in order to improve the public’s awareness of breast cancer prevention, rehabilitation hospital of Heilongjiang precision tumor has a nationwide health examination project launched for the love of breast health inspection preferential quota, commitment to comply with the conditions of women for accurate gene detection and accurate CTC detection, accurate cell body health testing, and tailored for patients with breast cancer after the consolidation therapy, whole health custody precise medical service. The public lecture aims to arouse the attention of the whole society to promote the development of breast health, breast disease treatment, the cause of the popularity of breast disease knowledge, especially for women to recognize the importance of breast disease early prevention, early detection and early treatment ", constantly enhance the breast health awareness and improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases in our country, and promote the harmonious development the harmony of the family and society.相关的主题文章: