Use the scarf is medicine, not good health is poison – Sohu click up the "healthy Hangzhou" can subscribe to! Scarf, it is still a medicine but improper use, may be a deadly poison. The weather is getting cooler and cooler, the scarf is the warm artifact when many children go out. But if the child sitting on the bike, battery car back, accidentally put the scarf into the wheel, it can be fatal thing! There are children playing in the wild trees, accidentally fall, they wear scarves, red scarf, neck ornaments, just hanging on the branches, the final Inler neck and cause suffocation. This tragedy happen every year, set people thinking! Here to remind you that the scarf accident kills, is accidental, but a wake-up call for everyone. When cycling, try not to wear too long scarf. If the scarf is longer, should be effectively fixed to prevent accidents. What should you pay attention to when you wear a scarf? 1 wearing a scarf, the length should be maintained above the waist. 2 riding a bicycle, electric cars, tricycles, if the scarf is too long, the two ends into the clothes or fixed. 3 at the door of the elevator, subway door, bus door, beware of the scarf was caught in the door. 4 do not tie the scarf knot, otherwise it is difficult to unlock the risk. Le neck scarf asphyxia, how to first aid? 1 scarf or scarf. 2 call emergency call. 3 cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Source: Hangzhou emergency center to see the article to help you ~ please give us some praise!相关的主题文章: