The current round of domestic gasoline and diesel price adjustment aground greater probability of the current round of gasoline and diesel price greater probability aground Xinhua Beijing October 31st new media news (reporter Dong Shishan Zheng Bin) held in Vienna on October 28-29 of the oil producing countries in the negotiations, OPEC members failed to reproduce contradictions between specific plans for implementation on production agreement, non OPEC producers refused to make any production promise. The market for OPEC production cuts optimism slowly cooling, coupled with the rising dollar index, the upward trend in international oil prices blocked, once again fell below $50 a barrel. During the valuation cycle, the package of crude oil change rate is slightly positive, then turned negative, and the negative amplitude slightly expanded. November 2nd 24 gasoline and diesel price adjustment window opens, the domestic gasoline and diesel price adjustment is expected to be less than 50 yuan per ton and the possibility of a large stranded. October 19th, U.S. crude oil inventories fell unexpectedly, international oil prices, especially WTI crude oil futures closed at $51.6 a barrel, a record high for the year. However, in October 23rd, Iraq’s oil minister said, Iraq hopes to get exemption in OPEC agreement, prospect of implementation of this statement makes the market for OPEC agreement greatly doubt, international oil prices turned weak, suffered a losing streak". On October 28-29, the producers were held in Vienna in November 30th to the official OPEC meeting to finalize the production implementation plan of negotiations, however, Iraq and Iran insisted on being excluded from the production plan, the negotiations failed to reach substantive results. OPEC has not been solved in the case of divergence, Russia, Brazil and other non OPEC producers refused to make a clear commitment on production. Iraq and Iran is OPEC’s second largest and third largest oil producer in OPEC, according to the latest monthly report, September Iraq, Iran’s crude oil production was 4 million 455 thousand barrels and 3 million 665 thousand barrels a day, the two countries and accounted for 14 of OPEC output overall output by 33 million 394 thousand barrels a day 24.3%. In addition, Libya, Nigeria and other countries have also requested the meaning of exemption. From these countries such as the reduction, OPEC’s largest oil producer Saudi Arabia will have to bear the intention beyond cuts its finances and crude oil market share will be threatened, this ultimately overshadowed the production agreement. The analysis is expected, affected by the impact of the negotiations failed and the market pessimism over the next few days, international oil prices may further low. According to data released by the Xinhua news agency, the oil price system, the valuation cycle, the rate of change in a small positive value, then turned negative, and the negative amplitude of the trend. As of October 28th, the average basket of crude oil price change was -0.84%, according to the current rate of change in the level estimates, in November 2nd 24 a new round of oil price adjustment window opens on the occasion, the domestic price of gasoline and diesel is likely because the magnitude of less than 50 yuan per ton and ran aground. Such as the next two days, the international oil prices affected by the decline in the oil producing countries affected by the larger decline, does not rule out the possibility of domestic gasoline and diesel retail price of 50-60 yuan per ton down slightly. Prior to this year, the theory of Chai Chai相关的主题文章: