Reminder: the two teams clash in La Liga Atletico last 5 home court win foot 4 games draw prediction and analysis of the 1 Liga football: Atletico vs Malaga start time: 2016-10-30 analysis: FUN88 00:30 hunting ball: 1.29 5.25 12 FUN88 for initial instant: 1.24 17 Ma Jing 5.20? Atletico this season first 9 wheel zhanba recorded 5 3 wins and 1 negative record, ranking fifth in the league standings. This event is the tenth round of La Liga, by Ma Jing home court against Malaga. From previous confrontation, the two sides? History team played against a total of 26 times, the horse was Jinglu record dominant 13 wins 6 flat 7 negative, while the last 5 home court win foot 4 games, a flat, visible with Atletico rather obvious home court advantage, is more optimistic about the. Atletico? Is one of the three major league teams, the lineup is quite strong, the overall strength than the opponent Mara much strengthened, the League last weekend away with 0-1 not enemy Seville, the end of the previous competitions in 14 consecutive games unbeaten record, the team morale or affected. Atletico recent double battle, in the past two weeks in two rounds of the Champions League group in the face of Bayern, Rostov and Munich made a winning streak of 2, and the period are zero seal opponents, the team defense as always stable. Taking into account the next week in the Champions League is still in the body, Ma Jing in the current round of the League will be retained. ? although Atletico Madrid in the last round of the league by Seville breaking unbeaten Jinshen, but the team is still high, the ball rate is as high as 59%, 12 shots in Seville more than 3 times, including 5 shots, also recorded 14 successful people, 1 times more than the opponent, Atletico still a strong ability to control, but with no break. ? in fact, the recent overall Atletico played very simple and efficient, is a textbook counter attack style, the last 12 games in all competitions recorded 8 wins 3 flat 1 negative, especially the home court record is more tough, in the past 15 games 12 wins and 3 draws, including zero closure La Coruna, Xi Hong athletic and Bayern Bundesliga the class bully munich. As for the team, Atletico Madrid? New signings this summer Gaitan and Gameiro are still in the running in period, there are signs of rising status, and the main striker Glitz Man scored 22 goals last season, in the first 9 rounds of the season with 6 goals, is currently ranked second in La Liga top scorer. It is worth mentioning that? Recently, Atletico members elected best goalkeeper award season, Oblak was named the best goalkeeper, Godin won the best defender, and Simonyi won the best coach, and striker Griezmann beat C Ronaldo and Messi won the best player and the most popular player, believe this to praise greatly stimulated the players win confidence. Malaga? Mara this season before the 9 round recorded a record of 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats, ranked tenth in La liga. Malaga is in the upper reaches of the Spanish League? Team strength, the overall strength of hard and round opponent Ma Jing match, the last round of the league with a 4-0 win over Ma Lei at home court promoted Garris, the recent 3 round league)相关的主题文章: