Recommendation: no Bundesliga season unbeaten Jinshen Hoffenheim for fear of being broken – Sohu game time: 2016 11.05          Saturday   22:30 1.00    asian handicap:     Bayern Munich       2.25            Hoffenheim; 0.86; European index: 1.12      7.40    & nbsp; 12; match Preview: Saturday evening prime time, and we met the Bundesliga troops, including Bayern at the Allianz Arena in the face of the season unbeaten Hoffenheim will be the highlight of this round. Bayern this season, Ancelotti came in, is to bring the club back to the top of Europe. The team in the week in the Champions League away 2 to 1 victory over the tournament Eindhoven, recently scored 5 game winning streak, the team also had gradually out of the trough. Although the two games a week, but for the strong Bayern team is undoubtedly a piece of cake. But this season they at the Allianz Arena record is 7 wins and 1 draws, perfect performance, the face of war hoe Hoffenheim, Bayern is expected to give the opponent the first defeat of the season. Hoffenheim this season impressive performance, who did not think last season in the relegation ranks of the team, this season has so good performance, they beat the Berlin League home court last week after Herta, extending to the 9 round of the Bundesliga games unbeaten, and more recently in the League 5 game winning streak, the team had to say performance reborn convincing. The face of war two games a week in Bayern, the team expected to continue unbeaten at the Allianz arena. After the game the Bayern handicap to make 2.0-2.25 deep dish, aocai has maintained a 2.25 discount on the deep dish, continue to move up, also make up the main victory in Europe, the formation of Bayern let disc plate potential weakness, coming back plate phenomenon. And rival Hoffenheim unbeaten season, the pursuit of a few players in the players. But it is worth mentioning that this year, Hoffenheim has not encountered a real sense of the strong team, the team unbeaten or water. The last 10 times against Bayern 8 wins and 2 draws overwhelmingly, a war might hold on Bayern tonight on a killing spree. Half the recommendation: Ping Sheng, Dong Sheng, negative score recommended: 5:1, 5:2 (2) Bayern Beijing single game ball, SMG recommended: 3 let the ball Shengping Fu Bayern (-2), recommended: 3相关的主题文章: