At home on it, such as in Wonderland "will let you live with a good, like entering a room full of fragrant orchids without their fragrance for a long time, and with it, so our ancients was keen to incense room. A few centuries ago, the Romans would spice up the walls of sand and gravel, the use of sunlight to heat up the temperature of the aroma. In some famous mosques, we can smell spices hundred years on the stone wall. It would be a different kind of sensual pleasure if the enclosed space was a pleasant smell. Choose indoor fragrance, we should pursue delicate, artistic, quiet and gentle, not too much publicity. Please do not use cheap air freshener in the bedroom: they are more similar to the deodorant (deodorant), used to eliminate odor, rather than a true home fragrance. Room Spray indoor fragrance this indoor fragrance might be called "Deluxe air freshener". In general, low concentration of indoor fragrance smell pure, simple, easy to use. Floris: grapefruit and rosemary Floris (Floris) was founded in 1730, is a famous British Royal fragrance brand, in the UK and was Guerlain par. It is not romantic fragrance of Paris customs, nor zhilaizhiwang American fast food, but restrained, and rigorous restraint old england. The indoor fragrance is high quality and inexpensive Floris’s masterpiece. This is a citrus green indoor fragrance fragrance, with pleasant, fresh sweet and gentle grapefruit opening, shining and charming; green feeling bitter rosemary, whole fragrance covered with a layer of vigor coat; jasmine and muskmelon sweet fresh; the musk – sandalwood. Rosemary; Grapefruit&. Bottle size 100 ml, priced at about $30. Alora Ambiance:DueAlora Ambiance is a pair of sisters simplicity fragrance brand. Due is the brand second fragrance products, is also the brand sales champion. Fresh cucumber with basil, compared with Yilan Yilan fragrant jasmine and bright, as if the two stone just a soft, unisex. This indoor fragrance can also used for the body (a dual!). 60 ml of the $24 Le Labo: Sandalwood 26 bottle of 100 ml, priced at $125. Cire Trudon:Spiritus SanctiCire Trudon is one of France’s oldest candle manufacturer, dating back to 1643. Since eighteenth Century, they have produced candles for the Royal family. "Spiritus Sanctus" comes from Latin, meaning "Holy Spirit" in christianity". Transparent snowflakes fragrant incense with formaldehyde first appeared, laid the church like holy and hazy feeling, like frankincense symbolizes then, drop from the clouds; the virgin Maria slowly blooming flowers of lily of the valley, gentle and pleasant; finally, benzoin and Labdanum bring profound sense, as if the golden color and deep red and white Cathedral, the altar of amber in the burning candle in the clouds, rising and flashing, the sacred ceremony of incense. Hazy as if rice clothing相关的主题文章: