People’s daily, Jiangsu Yuanjiang cadres Wang Hua: Forever blooming Saussurea – Jiangsu channel — original title: Vice Mayor of Jiangsu, Jurong City, the Tianshan snow lotus bloom forever — being on duty in the Yuanjiang cadres Wang Hua "people’s Daily" in October 14, 2016 4 edition screenshot original title: Vice Mayor of Jiangsu, Jurong city the Tianshan snow lotus bloom forever — being on duty in the Yuanjiang cadres Wang Hua 3 years ago, Jiangsu Zhenjiang vice mayor of Jurong Wang Hua (pictured, photo) came to the foot of the Tianshan Mountains, on the Yuanjiang Road, as Zhenjiang targeted aid Xinjiang production and Construction Corps fourth division one Dallas City in front of the command group leader and Deputy four teacher assistant. A houseful of books and seven volumes of neat notes, he witnessed how to spell — see the hospital corridor filled with beds, he rushed to report, trips run funds, now, building 17 storey hospital put into use; construction holding Dallas City high school only, still in his new year meeting to discuss the plan now, the school is nearing completion; low-income housing area, community service center, put into use in his running; he funded students admitted to the university…… Before the National Day this year, Wang promised his wife to go home, but in August 18th, the meeting was killed in a car accident, only 41 years old. At this time, the distance he finished the Yuanjiang work back to Jiangsu only a hundred days. The depths of the Tianshan snow lotus flower, never with a hundred flowers contend in beauty. Do not cherish the character of vanity, so that it has become the people of Xinjiang and thousands of cadres of the mainland Yuanjiang cadres in the hearts of the most beautiful flowers. Time frames, blood coagulation, Wang Hua Zhonghun settled on the border of the motherland, turned into a beautiful lotus flower, bloom forever in the depths of the Tianshan mountains. [Yili] he early autumn grief in Yuanjiang work, the car driving on Lianhuo speed. This length of 4395 kilometers, can be regarded as the longest mileage of China’s traffic mileage, a head connected to Jiangsu, a head connected to Xinjiang, like a rainbow tightly linked together. Guozigou car out of the picturesque, is next to the Tianshan Xuefeng Daoying Lake Sailimu lake. Wang Hua sitting in the car did not intend to enjoy the scenery along the way. He was with the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps fourth division one Dallas City party secretary, political commissar Zhang Yong, rushed to the Kuitun city in Jiangsu Province, the Corps seventh division, targeted aid Corps work forum. In his carry on bag, a report of his work for half a day. Hospital building has been put into use, the high school to be checked and accepted, the children admitted to the university…… Wang Hua talked to the leader in the front row. Bang! Speeding car with a vehicle carrying sand stone, crossing the highway truck collision, Zhang Yong multiple fractures, Wang Hua was seriously wounded. August 18th at 3 p.m., less than two hours after the accident, Wang Hua heart injury stopped beating, aged at the age of 41. The Tianshan Cedar Falls, Sailimu Lake sobbing sorrow. When the message returned to Yining, Zhenjiang Yuanjiang command group office director, assistant head of the 69 regiment Zhang never believe, more than 11 in the morning, Wang Hua departure, I went downstairs to send him a copy of the document." 6 consecutive years of aid to Zhenjiang in Xinjiang相关的主题文章: