UnCategorized If you have ambitions to be.ing a medical doctor, then please be aware that medicine is an extremely demanding job and one that will take a significant degree of toll on you, mentally, physically and emotionally. There will no doubt be some fairly avaricious readers who will think to themselves: "Who cares? With the amount of money I will be earning every year, I can cope with anything that is thrown my way!" The truth of the matter is that medicine is an extremely closed shop indeed and only the very best of the best will ever be able to break into this highly .petitive and prestigious career. The road to entering into the medicine career starts in high school meaning that if you want to succeed then you need to be prepared to work hard very early on. Science subjects and mathematics are extremely important and it is vital that you obtain solid grades in these. While good exam results are important for admission, please note that there are thousands of applicants for medical school each and every year and so good grades are not quite enough to cut it I am afraid. The simple truth of the matter is that there will probably be plenty of other applicants who have exam results which either equal or even best your own and so you will need to have that little bit extra in order to succeed. One of the best ways to really improve your chances of securing a spot in medical school is to ensure that you have work experience within a healthcare environment. Working in a nursing home, a local hospital or a medical training program will all stand you in good stead. Work experience will provide you an invaluable insight and perspective into just what being a physician en.passes along with the stresses and challenges that they face and cope with on a daily basis. Work experience will also mean that you have a potential character reference at your disposal, again, another important variable in the formula for success in the medical world. Please do not make the mistake of underestimating your admission interview, as it is an extremely important step indeed and should not be taken lightly. The admissions team will be carefully reviewing each of the various applicants in order to more readily determine whether they possess the necessary personal skills required to achieve and succeed in medicine. A successful candidate will need to be emotionally strong, mature and self-disciplined as well as being able to work to deadlines and keep their cool under pressure. Many people are concerned about their chances of success for admission to medical school when they have studied a different degree or are seeking to pursue medicine as a second career, feeling that their age maybe problematic and count against them. In actual fact, many universities favour older candidates as they believe that they tend to be on the whole, more mature and more emotionally stable as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: