Over 1800! Harbin, an environmental monitoring point PM2.5 numerical burst table data original title: 1800! Harbin PM2.5 burst table who? Recently, Harbin, an atmospheric environmental monitoring point PM2.5 value of more than 1800! So the value, so that perennial doing meteorological environmental monitoring work, the old driver also marvel. After 3 days, the National Meteorological Center Room meteorological environmental engineering Gui Hailin told Technology Daily reporter mentioned the value, still feel unbelievable. Even if the Spring Festival firecrackers, PM2.5 values are not so high, it is really high." "Will not be a problem with the monitoring instrument?" Reporter asked. "In order to ensure the reliability of the numerical value, we also compared with other monitoring sites. Although not so high, but also exceeded 1000. In addition, we also obtain the meteorological satellite data were compared and found to have multiple high heat source near the fire, according to the image and numerical analysis, should be the farmland straw burning. Heavy pollution weather last week, starting from Heilongjiang, the final 7 kilometers across, affecting the city of the province’s more than and 30 cities, a number of cities burst table, the extent of pollution, the scope of the impact of a wide range of the past few years, there are no less than more than 1 thousand and 600 years. There have been 10 city air quality index in Northeast China (AQI) reached the highest value of 500, the Heilongjiang Harbin City, Suihua city and Daqing city in 3 cities scale duration was 14 hours, 23 hours and 24 hours (the highest AQI value was 500, exceeding this value is called the "explosion table"). Gui Hailin told Technology Daily reporter, atmospheric environmental monitoring sites in China mainly by the environmental protection department and the meteorological department management, environmental protection departments of the site are mainly concentrated in the city, and the site distribution of meteorological department is wide, suburban and rural areas have sources of pollution, if the farmland is burned, our numerical meteorological monitoring to be a little higher. The evening of November 6th, the Ministry of environmental protection held a conference to discuss the causes of pollution of heavy pollution process, that the northeast and East China area, began in November 3rd 4 in Heilongjiang – Harbin, Suihua and Daqing, the local winter heating coal combustion emissions and biomass is the main cause of regional large-scale heavy pollution "". In November 7th, the Ministry of environmental protection Environmental Satellite Application Center test data show that during the period from October 31, 2016 to November 6th, the environmental satellite monitoring to straw burning fire point 756, of which 580 fire points in Heilongjiang province ranked first, accounting for the total national monitoring points of fire 76.7%, 66 fire points far more than the second in Shanxi province. In fact, in October this year, Heilongjiang Province issued the "Heilongjiang province ban burning straw field to improve the quality of atmospheric environment plan", Harbin City, Suihua city and other areas designated as straw Jinshao district. The program encourages around the new city to promote the use of straw briquette boiler (steam) to replace the existing coal-fired boilers, the straw Jinshao weekly reporting system, implement daily business in the critical period. Some experts believe that the burning of straw is a local farmer inertia behavior, although in recent years, the northeast is changed into gas heating, straw is no longer needed as firewood burning, but most farmers still easy ones in situ combustion. This)相关的主题文章: