On the construction of China high energy collider comments and reply to questions from the media – Sohu technology Author: Qiu Chengtong (Harvard University) recently a lot of attention in the media in Chinese may have built high energy Collider, which is a good thing, after all, this is a global concern of scientists. Unfortunately, some of the media, eager to express their views, press speculation, not to be the visitor is out of thin air, speak, interpret out of context. For me personally, there have been several media reports. For example, "Caixin weekly" after I refused their interview, made a similar interview with my manuscript, with rumors of imagination and see the Internet made news, and based on this, and to me personally. Recently, reporters continue to ask me some ridiculous question, they want me to talk to someone I had never heard of Mr. Wang Mengyuan to comment on his dialogue, I recently wrote an article about the collider. At the same time, the reporter insisted that Mr. Wang is an expert in high energy physics: the reason is that Mr. Wang graduated from the Department of physics, Harvard University, received a doctorate. It was a bit of a surprise to me. Because I have been a professor of physics and mathematics at Harvard University for many years, I have never heard of Mr. Wang’s name. I am the only professor who is officially appointed by the president and can vote in two departments After receiving a letter from a reporter, I consulted the Department of physics, Harvard University, a member of the study of high energy physics who knows Mr. Wang, no one heard his name. After many visits to find, and finally know who is his mentor, it is not an assistant professor in the Department of promotion, it is no wonder that the Department of senior high energy physicists do not know mr.. It is said that Mr. Wang has not made any interesting papers after his doctoral dissertation. He has been in business for more than and 20 years. After hearing the news, I am not surprised at the ability of Chinese media to interview science and technology professionals, it is very limited! Portrait of Qiu Chengtong Qiu Chengtong at the Tsinghua University mathematics Center (Zhang Xuanzhong photo) said that Mr. Wang has a lot of blame on me, I don’t care, after all, each week I received some letters from amateurs to solve big problems, not. But the reporter insisted, but also on the professor Chen Ning Yang, all of a sudden rise from the ground to the sky, I can not help but say a few words. I have known Mr. Yang for forty-five years. In addition to my teacher, Professor Chen Shengshen, he has always been one of my most respected scientists. He was in the last century in 50s and 60s in statistical physics and high energy physics work makes people admire, the greatest impact is he Weyl of the gauge theory is extended to the non commutative case. By 70s, the standard model of high energy physics, which can be described by the scholars in Europe and the United States, can be said to be the most profound theory of nature. The fifty years of high energy Collider in different parts of Europe and the United States every time out, can be powerful, because it shows the basic structure of a part of nature. The ultimate question is how the universe was born? A breakthrough in each experiment represents a further understanding of the problem. These real!相关的主题文章: