On the death of Qiao Renliang Joker friends: has not slept well Joker, Qiao Renliang (information) Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Joker [micro-blog] has 3 friends in the entertainment circle, one of which is the 16 evening Qiao Renliang died [micro-blog], Joker held will meet on the 23 day, when it comes to just know friends the death of news, feel very surprised, but also revealed himself to depression. According to reports, Joker 23 held in Shanghai meeting, perhaps not yet out of grief for him, as in the past, lively and funny, the atmosphere is solemn, quiet a bit. He and the host mentioned, heard friends when Qiao Renliang died, the first time immediately summoned information to each other, but there was no answer, the silly people live. Joker at the meeting, go to send Qiao Renliang fans thanks to friends died, has not slept well, let the fans quite worried. He admits that he had depression, "the most serious, should swallow 3 sleeping pills to sleep", at that time the pain, sleep must be wearing a thick coat, without pillows, barely able to sleep. At present has recovered Joker hope, "network violence happened before Qiao Renliang’s body, will not happen again." That is because of psychological pressure, ordinary people can not imagine, unbearable (commissioning editor: Rolls Royce)相关的主题文章: