The old man received telephone fraud insisted on remittance persuaded the police keep hard-earned money 16 years old received a telephone fraud for remittance, Dongyue Road police station was rushed to the stop. At first, the old man did not believe the police, insisted remittance. In the police repeatedly patiently persuasion, finally stopped remittance operations, to avoid the loss of property million. 26, 23 PM, Dongyue Road police station received a public alarm call, said a man named Zhang Chen (a pseudonym) of the elderly is likely being telephone fraud, please. After the alarm, Dongyue Road police station through the only clue, trying to find a Calvin address and mobile phone number. Subsequently, the police immediately rushed to the residence of Zhang chen. On the way to fight for time, the police have to call Zhang Chen’s phone to get in touch with it, but the other side of the phone has been in the call. Police rushed to Zhang Chen’s residence, found no one at home. According to the usual means of telecommunications fraud, the police judge suspects fraud are ultimately to let the victim to bank transfer, so the police in the vicinity of the bank to find, finally found in a large bank Zhang Chen Ling road. Police told Zhang Chen is talking to his people is a liar, however, due to the older, Zhang Chen has always believed that the police did not, and insisted on 10 thousand yuan to the other party. Thus, the police put the facts, the case, a detailed patience to explain the method and means of fraud zhang. Eventually, Zhang Chen finally believe the words of the police, stopped the remittance operation, to avoid the loss of property. Since then, Zhang Chen to ensure property safety, the police contacted the family rushed to the scene, and fraud told his family has repeatedly told the elderly and their families must be vigilant and strengthen the awareness of fraud prevention. Sweep code big Chu Shiyan, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: