Northeast Butch national parks will fall site in Jilin and Heilongjiang Province two 60% larger than Yellowstone National Park China Jilin Reuters reporter Li Zhiming in November 4th, the NPC Standing Committee plenary meeting, the national development and Reform Commission Director Xu Shaoshi said, with the development and Reform Commission and relevant departments have formulated a general plan, the national Park pilot, deep reform leading group discussion principle has been passed, firstly, Qinghai is the source of Sanjiang National Park, second is the Northeast Butch National Park, he said, "this document departments have signed after being submitted for approval". This document is issued, the local will be relocated to restore the ecological. Chinese Jilin network reporter learned that, early in May this year, the Northeast China Butch national park system pilot program experts will be held in Jilin province Changchun city. "Plan" the pilot national park system by the Chinese Butch experts, which marks the pilot work of northeast Butch national park system China entered a substantive stage. The national development and Reform Commission, said the news, also confirmed the proposed work has been carried out. At the meeting, Xu Shaoshi also revealed an important message. "Northeast Butch National Park, mainly in Yanbian, Heilongjiang, Yanbian, Hunchun Wangqing Dongning, area of a circle". Xu Shaoshi said that the documents issued after the implementation of a process, focusing on the development of alternative industries, especially the development of forest economy, including forest, forest plants need to be relocated, the National Park residents will have a certain degree of relocation, to restore the ecological. In the future there is a very arduous task is to protect the safety of the lives and property of residents." Xu Shaoshi explained that the establishment of a national park, tiger, leopard and more, bear the brunt of the people at home cattle, sheep and pigs, they may be affected, in addition, including the old people themselves may also be affected, so after approval, this work will be in an orderly manner. Several other national parks are under study. According to reports, China’s wild population distribution across Jilin, Northeast tigers in Heilongjiang province two. Northeast Tiger Balm activity area involving two provinces, more than one county forestry, forestry bureau, the township, village, nature reserves, under the jurisdiction of multiple departments, natural resource assets and multi administrative region, protection and management of compartmentalization, institutional mechanism is not smooth, the management is not in place. In addition, within the area of cultivated land, ginseng, pasture, reservoir, industrial and mining enterprises, railway interludes, habitat fragmentation problems Butch, compression and segmentation of the Northeast tigers living space, Butch hurt people and animals when events occur. Because of the increase of human activities and the destruction of forest ecosystem, the wild Siberian tiger habitat is shrinking. In the late 70s, the wild Siberian tiger has been reduced to about 200. 1998 and 1999, the Sino Russian joint investigation of experts in the United States and the United States, the Northeast tigers only the remaining 12 – 16, northeast Leopard – 12 – only 7. With the implementation, the establishment of nature reserves of natural forest protection project, especially in Jilin, Heilongjiang Province on the two century mid 90s the implementation of comprehensive hunting, Northeast Tiger Balm habitat ecological environment gradually improved, the wild population recovered. 2012 – 2014, Beijing Normal University and Jilin.相关的主题文章: