NOKIA back to the mobile phone market? Two mysterious models unveiled recently to continue to run under the news that NOKIA will return to the mobile phone market, the foreign media had reported that NOKIA internal NPU is developing high-end products may be equipped with two Android Nougat, also will launch some products in the end. Today two NOKIA unveiled GeekBench equipment running the library, the first device called Nokia 5320, equipped with a clock frequency of 2.27GHz quad core processor, but only 2GB of memory (should be the prototype of this device should be the reason), high-end models, may be the Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor. Exposure of two new machines, the second phones are a bit confusing. The product name is Nokia RM-1490, comply with the naming rules from NOKIA and Lumia series. So, NOKIA may continue to use RM-xxxx way to name the future of smart phones. According to the GeekBench running data show that only 500MHz AMD A8-5545M processor, 2GB memory. It is unclear what is the significance of this specification configuration, and run Android 4.2.2, should be early prototypes. Exposure of two new machines相关的主题文章: