Real-Estate Sale or disposition of federal or any other government buildings and assets may seem an uphill task in terms of releasing the tender, finding quotations, making sure that the entire selection or short listing process is fair and then prompt and reliable paper work so as to effectively close the deal. However, the firm in question – Postal Properties – makes it exceedingly simple for sellers to not only dispose their non performing assets (i.e. postal offices in this case) but also enables them to evaluate their asset in  the most reliable and transparent manner. The Postal Properties have their own baseline methodology to value postal properties and at the same time, the seller has no obligations on their part to follow the method as prescribed by the firm. Read below to know about Federal Buildings for Sale and NN properties for sale. The transfer of ownership of the sale of the postal properties can take place either via complete sale of the asset where in the ownership is completely transferred to the firm, or via turnkey operations i.e. in case of NNN property. The triple N or NNN stands for Net-Net-Net which symbolises a lease agreement where in the buyer or the tenant has to pay all the three major expenditures associated to the property namely insurance expenditure, maintenance charges as well as the real estate tax. In such cases, the tenant gets permission to use the property as per their convenience in exchange of a fee which is zeroed on as a part of the agreement. Apart from that, based on the asset quality and the negotiations carried out by both the party, there can be cases where in the firm enters into a NN property agreement with the owner where in the firm is responsible for only the real estate taxes and the insurance expenditure. All maintenance operations are catered to by the owner itself. These kinds of contracts are less and moreover, Postal properties excel at not only purchasing of postal properties but also maintaining them with high standards. The entire deal management procedure is extremely simple, lean and transparent. Interested sellers and prospects can get in touch with the executive from Postal Properties – Ron via the dedicated email address or contact him via the phone number. They can also decide to visit the official firm which is located in Zionsville based out of US where in they would get all the information on the necessary and requisite procedure which is required to clinch a deal. All the monetary transactions would happen in cash and would be extremely prompt. The paper work would be precise and exhaustive so as to negate any form of contingency for both the stakeholders. Apart from these, what makes the agreement offer extremely fair and lucrative as well, is that there is no middle men involved in the transaction due to which none of the parties have to pay any form of commission for getting the deal. Both the parties are in direct contact with each other which prevents any form of information hiding or translucency in the system. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: