Russian scientists developed a new material can make the invisible fighter, which have the property does not exist in nature, through the barrier, enhanced absorption, even bending and other ways to control electromagnetic wave, so as to make objects invisible, can be widely used in the development of new weapons and super computer design etc..

‘s findings, published in the journal Physical Review, said the new material was developed by researchers at the National Institute of Technology (NUST MISIS) and researchers at the University of Crete in greece. The two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation in 2016 to strengthen the study of quantum technology, joint funding, including the super material, including the latest research.

the project manager Alexei? Pakistan sarin explained: "our newly developed" metamaterials "from ordinary steel cutting down a small piece of the so-called supramolecular grid composition, because of the unique shape and structure of the grid, so that the new" super material "has only two attributes, can be used to make super sensitive sensors can detect explosives and chemical weapons."

of the National Technical University said in a statement, adding that the nonlinear semiconductor can also make the "super material" into an adjustable screen, the fighters on radio, infrared and other wavelengths of light stealth. Moreover, the new "metamaterials" can also be used to develop the latest generation of lasers and quantum computers.

is reported that the Russian satellite communications company (RSCC) and other space organizations have expressed interest in the latest research results.