"New clothes" Wu Xin is ill in hospital should cut gas to the goddess of lacrimal gland – Sohu   entertainment; Sohu Wu Xin entertainment news produced by the Oriental TV variety star straddling fashion "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) this week will usher in a new fashion theme "the beauty of all love — to salute the Olympic movement". Say goodbye to my new clothes "last week" stage of Wu Xin this week domineering return. However, the absence of "face the host asked, but Wu Xin jokingly answered" because the mood is too excited, hospitalized for two days "caused the audience’s laughter. In the face of the goddess is not good at the sports theme, Wu Xin this week to join the designer partner C.J.YAO staged inspirational energy bowling fashion show. Different from the daily "can sit stand, can not sit lying" style, Wu Xin’s stage show is full of sunshine and vitality, is performing in small game show "". The end of the stage show links, the host Lin "questioned" feminine "why absent for a week because of absence, after a week on the stage show needs to adjust in tears?" I did not expect Wu Xin ridicule replied, because the mood is too excited, hospitalized for two days." The goddess is issued under this week will not collapse in the rhetoric of tears, because had the "cut off" of the lacrimal gland! In the fourth program, Wu Xin for the first time teamed up with C.J.YAO, the movie beauty and the beast as the inspiration for the audience presents a unique style of fashion show. But in the bidding process, the buyer is the design of C.J reservations, a rather awkward atmosphere. As a partner, Wu Xin on the stage behind a friend, tears in the scene. In the subsequent fifth program, Wu Xin did not appear in the goddess list. Even many netizens suspect Wu Xin out of the race, a time raise a Babel of criticism of the network. In fact, because of the busy work and close the program recording, the body of Wu Xin bright "red", "new clothes" I had to say goodbye to the stage. And the goddess quickly adjust their physical condition, and return to the "new clothes" for the first time, also let a lot of fans see Wu Xin dedicated. What exactly is the stage of Wu Xin’s return to the stage? Which is the buyers can be the goddess of the design in the bag? Please look forward to this Saturday at 10 pm Eastern TV "my new clothes", see Wu Xin return magnificiently!相关的主题文章: