The National Day Golden Week "block" means to improve the traditional shops "counter attack" National Day golden week old phenomenon has a new change in blocking the road, see the scenic sea, group showings, buy buy buy…… These seem to have been the routine of the National Day Golden week". However, one year spent similar, each year is different. "Every year travel every year blocking, annual congestion every year tour", "blocking" become the topic of gold Zhou Yongheng. In the Baidu search input keywords "blocking" and "National Day", as of 7 morning, the relevant search results show about 1600000 times. The era of mass tourism, "eleven" golden perimeter false effect with visitors spewing. This golden week, traffic department predicts Road, water transport, railroad, civil aviaton passenger transport nearly 800 million person time. Many people blocked cars, highlighting uncivilized driving. Golden week last year criticized the uncivilized driving, this holiday is not reduced, become the focus of users on micro-blog, the most prominent of Tucao, occupation of the emergency Lane behavior criticism. Under the constant "block", it is the improvement of "blocking" means. Some places use big data to predict congestion areas and time and update it in real time. National unmanned aerial vehicles to carry out highway patrol law enforcement, the highway emergency Lane illegal behavior to capture, and timely publication of the black list". Tourism has become the most important consumption item in the national day. With the tourism market is hot with zero cost, wild tour, forced consumption, uncivilized travel and other ills still. Uncivilized behavior of tourists entering the field from time to time, but overall, and constantly improve the tourists around the scenic spots is the consciousness of civilized travel wind blowing. According to the Beijing environmental sanitation group responsible person, the number of Tiananmen square garbage significantly reduced this year, the vast majority of visitors timely disposal of rubbish, and take the initiative to pick up the garbage. From the end of September to October 7th, the city issued 20 consecutive market regulation deal, the golden week is 14. House to buy or not to buy? This undoubtedly becomes the hottest and most anxious topic in the golden week. During the national day, the Ministry of housing is also a series of some alleged illegal sales, malicious hype, seriously disrupting the order of the real estate market behavior of real estate development enterprises and intermediary agencies for exposure warning. At the same time, the 20 cities nationwide intensive introduction of property market regulation policy, restart the purchase limit loan. Such as Beijing, Nanjing and other places to increase the proportion of down payment; Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Suzhou, Zhuhai area purchase restrictions limit the purchase of copy number; Nanjing, Shenzhen; Chengdu, according to the individual purchase of marital status. According to the Ministry of Commerce monitoring, in from October 1st to 7th, the national retail and catering enterprises to achieve sales of about 12000 yuan, an increase of 10.7% over the same period last year. "Eleven" period, electricity suppliers and shops are riveting strength, use eighteen Wu Yi. Beautiful festival electricity supplier sales data in previous years make traditional shops to be cast into the shade, the National Day, reporters found that many stores and the traditional business district has proved unpopular, in the experience and quality of consumption in the transformation and upgrading of the store still have their own "golden week". Many local stores sell well in the national day..

国庆黄金周“治堵”手段提高 传统店商“逆袭”   国庆黄金周老现象有了新变化   堵在路上、景区看“人海”、组团看房、买买买……这些似乎一直是国庆黄金周的“常规动作”。不过,年年岁岁花相似,岁岁年年人不同。   “年年出游年年堵,年年拥堵年年游”,“堵”成为黄金周永恒的话题。在百度搜索中输入关键词“堵”与“国庆”,截至7日上午相关搜索结果显示有160多万次。   大众旅游时代到来,“十一”黄金周长假效应带来客流量喷涌。此次黄金周,交通部门预计道路水运、铁路、民航客运近8亿人次。   人多致车堵,凸显不文明驾驶。去年黄金周备受诟病的不文明驾驶,在这个假期病症不减,成为网友在微博上吐槽的重点,对占用应急车道行为的批评最突出。   在不变的“堵”背后,是“治堵”手段的提高。一些地方利用大数据对拥堵地段和时间进行预测并实时更新。全国多地引入无人机开展高速公路巡逻执法,对高速公路应急车道违法行为进行抓拍,并及时公布“黑榜单”。   旅游已经成为国庆最主要的消费项目。伴随旅游市场一起火热的是零负团费、野导游、强制消费、不文明旅游等“顽疾”仍存。不文明行为也不时进入游客视野,但总体看来,游客文明旅游意识不断提升,各地旅游景区也是吹起文明旅游风。据北京环卫集团相关负责人介绍,今年天安门广场垃圾数量明显减少,绝大多数游客都及时处理垃圾,还有主动捡拾垃圾的。   从9月底至10月7日,全国连续有20个城市发布楼市调控新政,其中黄金周期间就有14个。房子买还是不买?这无疑成为这个黄金周最热门也最揪心的话题。   国庆期间,住建部也接连对一些涉嫌违法违规销售、恶意宣传炒作、严重扰乱房地产市场秩序等行为的房地产开发企业和中介机构进行曝光警示。   与此同时,全国20城市密集出台楼市调控政策,重启限购限贷。如北京、南京等地提高首付比例;厦门、郑州等地限制购房面积;苏州、珠海限制购房套数;南京、深圳、成都等地则按个人婚姻状况进行限购。   据商务部监测,10月1日至7日,全国零售和餐饮企业实现销售额约12000亿元,比去年同期增长10.7%。“十一”期间,电商与店商都铆足劲,使出十八般武艺。往年节日靓丽的电商销售数据总让传统店商黯然失色,这个国庆节,记者调查发现,不少实体店和传统商圈的火爆,却证明在体验和品质消费年代,转型升级的实体店依然拥有自己的“黄金周”。   多地实体店国庆销售成绩不俗。截至10月3日,北京市商务委重点监测的120家商业服务业企业实现销售额10.3亿元,同比增长7.7%;重庆主城六大商圈和重点监测的商贸企业共实现零售额35.59亿元,同比增长12.9%。   相比之下,电商则显得较为冷清。以电器为例,几大电商平台国庆销售呈现环比下降趋势。相关的主题文章: