holiday is always too short, the 7 day of the Spring Festival draws an end, Nanjing spring air quality? From the year thirty to early February 2nd, monitoring shows Nanjing has harvest 7 excellent, that is to say, chicken Nanjing has 6 blue sky. The new year’s Eve "cross the eve of the" good air, once again received the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed praise; this is the third consecutive year in Nanjing for this glory.

2015: New Year’s Eve sky

was banned to improve the air quality. The Spring Festival is the first year of 2015 Nanjing comprehensive ban fireworks on New Year’s Eve, the city is quiet, the air less smoke taste, who lives in the West Jiqingmen street subway station near Wang Juan clearly remember the night looked up to heaven, even visible under the night sky of stars and high visibility; the first zero, Nanjing air quality is excellent real time level, pollution index was only 45.

informed the Ministry of environmental protection in the 2015 Lunar New Year’s day, new year’s Eve 2015 to the first (February 18th 13 to February 19th 12), the 338 city to carry out new standards for air quality monitoring, there are 51 city had more severe pollution and. Yangtze River Delta region 25 cities, Lishui, Taizhou moderate pollution, Wenzhou, Yancheng, Quzhou and other 6 cities for mild pollution, the rest of the 17 cities are excellent air quality. Environmental records show that this new year’s Eve across the years, Nanjing air 10 years the best.

2016: New Year’s Eve, the only city in Jiangsu that has been praised by the national

second year ban on New Year’s Eve, good air to. Data to speak: the first quarter of 2016, Nanjing air quality index was 60, good.

said the State Environmental Protection Department bulletin, 2016 to new year’s Eve day, 338 city monitoring results of the implementation of the new standards of air quality in China shows that 67 City air quality, the air quality 271 City air quality which exceed the standard, 47 City reached serious pollution. 25 cities in the Yangtze River Delta region of Nanjing, Lishui is good, Jinhua, Xuzhou, Huzhou and other cities for mild pollution, and the other for moderate and severe pollution.

Nanjing continues to be the point of praise, and this time together with Lishui, the Yangtze River Delta has become the only two of the city’s good air quality, which is the only city of Jiangsu was informed by the Ministry of environmental protection praised.

2017:pm2.5 concentration was only 48

this year? New year’s day, the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed 2017 New Year’s Eve to the beginning of the day (19 to January 28th at 5 on January 27th) national urban air quality situation. By the impact of fireworks and firecrackers, the country’s 338 prefecture level cities and some cities have more severe pollution. Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regional air quality is relatively good. 25 cities in the Yangtze River Delta region, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other cities are good, Xuzhou, Nantong, Zhenjiang and other cities for mild pollution, Jinhua, Quzhou, Taizhou and other 3 cities for severe pollution of the 6.